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Satisfied customers are the lifeblood of any successful business, and they are without a doubt the most important people to keep happy. Part of this is providing consistently high levels of customer service, ensuring that every experience a customer has within your business is positive and productive, filling whatever need or request they have. There are many ways to achieve this.

Well Trained Staff

In most businesses, staff will be the first impression a customer has of your business. It is essential that they are thoroughly trained and versed in precisely what is expected of them. There are two parts to this: good product knowledge and excellent customer service skills.

No matter your product, whether it is hair care, insurance, gin, or motor vehicles, the staff on the front line should be the absolute experts. They need to be able to discuss and compare different products with confidence and answer any questions a customer may have—or be able to find the person who has that information. This expertise puts the customer at ease and helps your business to appear professional and knowledgeable.  Helping support staff in doing their job is also an excellent method of improving company culture, as your team will feel confident and capable.

Excellent customer service skills are also imperative. This includes understanding how to greet customers and assist them in a way which is helpful but unobtrusive, and techniques to help ensure that the customer’s concern or need is discovered and attended to as quickly as possible. Attentiveness, politeness, and an ability to put the customer at ease are also crucial skills and ensure that you are providing top levels of service.

Comfortable Surroundings

You need your customers to be comfortable and confident as soon as they walk through the door, and a large part of this is the settings you align yourself with. All customer areas should be spotless and well maintained, with no damaged items, cobwebs, or other causes for concern. Furniture should be in good condition and comfortable, and all signage needs to be clear and helpful.

Small touches such as a pleasant fragrance, fresh flowers, and attractive artwork can all help to make a customer feel more at home and give them faith that your product is high class and top quality—definitely something they should stick around to try. Paying attention to the small details can pay significant dividends down the line!

Follow Up Complaints Professionally

Nobody likes to hear their business criticized, but the best response is to see it as constructive feedback rather than a personal attack. Make sure that all complaints are responded to quickly, and that a resolution is reached which suits both parties. Written reviews online should be addressed with an apology, a clear outline of the issue, and the actions you intend to take to solve it. If there are any errors or miscommunications, these can be politely pointed out, but always remain professional in your response.

Complaints made in person should be dealt with similarly, with staff remaining cool, calm, and professional despite the adversity. It is a good idea to provide staff with thorough training in handling complaints to ensure that the customer leaves satisfied whenever possible.

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