Your home is a blank canvas on which you can really let your creativity run wild. It is important to inject your own style and personality into your space as it will reflect your lifestyle, and you will feel more comfortable in your home. Quite often, however, this is far easier said than done as there are so many decorating options and so little time. 

To help everyone to create the perfect home which encapsulates their taste and personality, read on for some tips and tricks to reflect your own style into your home. 

Look at Your Wardrobe

Sometimes it can be hard to have a clear picture of your own style in your mind, so a great place to start is to look at the clothes in your wardrobe. Pick out the three outfits which really reflect your personality and always make you feel great when you wear them. Look at each outfit and see what design inspirations you can get from them. Your home should look and feel much like your favorite dress or shirt so that you can see yourself happy whenever you step into a room. 

Create a Pinterest Board

Now that you have a certain style and color scheme in mind, it is time to peruse the multitude of images on Pinterest. A Pinterest board can inspire you in your way of redecorating your rooms thanks to its ability to save all the images you admire in one place. You can also use your board to gather all the images that speak to you then review what you’ve saved by tapping into what you are drawn to most. Pinterest boards can also be very helpful when you are not a very creative person and so need nudging in the right direction.

Go Through All Your Things

Just because you are going to redo your space doesn’t mean you have to get rid of everything. Spend a Sunday looking through all your stuff and set aside all the artwork that has sentimental value to you and the furniture which you simply cannot part with. These items will be the ones that give your home a personal and unique touch. Some of them can even inspire your whole project and create continuity through your home. 

Start Small By Designing a Vignette

Don’t start off with a huge feature like a wall, but instead, begin with a small item like a table to see if your ideas turn out to be the same as they are in your mind. The experts from suggest gathering a few objects, such as a vase, bowl, or framed photos, arrange them, and live with it for a week or so to see if they have long term appeal. If you end up liking that vignette, you can expend the style to the entire home by ordering furniture and other home pieces online.

Incorporate Your Travels or Adventures

If you love to travel, don’t forget to incorporate your adventure memories into your space. It can be several pictures of your favorite trips, the cities on your bucket list, or the patterns or aromas that remind you of your favorite city. If you brought home a lot of souvenirs from those trips, show them off in a special space. Not only will they make your room unique, but they will also trigger happy feelings within you every day. 

Arrange Flowers Effectively

Flowers with their variety of colours and fragrances are a source of inspiration for fashion, beauty, and of course, home decor. The opportunity to play around with different colours and textures enables you to create what speaks to your soul most. As you have to change flowers every day, you can switch them to suit your moods or to match the seasons, so you will never be bored in your space.

Visit a Designer Show House or Interior Showroom

If you feel like you’re still not ready to start your decorating project, you can always check out some ideas first at a designer show house. Many famous interior designers create show houses to raise money for charity or promote themselves, and this can be a good opportunity to test out your imagination and inspire yourself too.

Redecorating a room is not a simple task, and needless to say, not everyone is creative when it comes to bringing their own personality into their home. Following these tips and tricks are important, but it’s also crucial that you know what you are looking for. Instead of starting right away, look into different ideas and styles to get a good idea of what you like.