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How to Renovate Your Home Within Your Budget and Your Goals

ByDave Stopher

May 25, 2021

You’re renovating your home because you want to upgrade its look and comfort – and that’s a good thing. After years of seeing the same rooms and wall patterns, it’s OK to shake things up. But changing a few things at home goes beyond splashing a new coat of paint and being done with it.

Think of your home renovation project like a business plan you’re starting from scratch. There are many considerations, with the budget being one of the most important factors. With a home renovation, you can either do it yourself or hire a pro to do the job.

DIY projects can save you money, but can you renovate your home without hiring an architect, interior designer, contractors or your local crane service providers?

To renovate your home on a budget and still get the results you want, planning the entire process effectively is essential. A big renovation project may seem like a massive plan but did you know you can divide your renovation plans into sub-plans?

Instead of sitting around and watching Disney princesses in order, it’s time to start planning.

Here’s how you can simplify the renovation process with your budget and desired results in mind.

Divide and Conquer

As mentioned above, effective planning is the secret to every successful renovation. If you’rerenovating on your own, focus on the smaller parts and the bigger picture. You may have heard the saying, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts,” which is a concept you can apply to your home renovation project. Create a renovation plan for each room in the house.

If you hire professionals for the renovation, they will assess your home’s requirements and renovate accordingly. If you choose to renovate yourself, you must brainstorm your requirements, decide your overall goal and start budgeting.

Be Your Own Project Manager

Manage the build yourself when working within a budget. Taking up the project manager is time-consuming but it saves money and serves as an enriching experience. As the project manager, you’re in control of what you spend on materials and labor, plus you can choose which jobs you can DIY and the jobs that require a professional’s help.


An economic home renovation requires deciding on your total expenditure limits and requirements. When budgeting, remember that you can’t overestimate your budget. If you do so, you increase your risks for debt. Instead, underestimate your budget and start your research for the things you need.


You’ll be surprised at the number of options you’ll have once you start your research. The sofa you’ve been eyeing at a nearby high-end store can be purchased at a more affordable price somewhere else. So, when renovating your home on a budget, expect that you’ll find furniture, decorations and other renovation necessities at lower prices.

Take advantage of thrift stores, second-hand furniture shops and online shopping and see how far you’ll go.

Shop Around

Although purchasing your building materials from one supplier is the quickest and simplest route, it’s not the most budget-friendly option.

Instead of settling for one shop, shop around. When you shop around, you’ll see other suppliers and contractors in your area. While you’re at it, get multiple quotes. Don’t make the mistake of not getting more than one quote for the work or materials.


  • Get at least three quotes
  • The cheapest quote doesn’t always mean it offers the best value for your money
  • Get recommendations from trusted sources

Re-use Old Materials

Many renovation projects include the demolition of old buildings. If your renovation project requires the same activity, don’t hesitate to reuse the original bricks. Doing so will save you more money. Likewise, reusing roof slates and tiles (as long as they are in good condition) to get huge savings, as well as enjoy a mix of new and old to your home.

With timber windows, it’s better to repair instead of replacing them so you can save more money.

Consider an Unfinished Look

Anything that reduces labor costs is good news for your budget. Finishes like exposed brickwork or birch-faced ply are better off with a plaster finish (which is a task you leave to a professional). If you’re going with the exposed brick walls, use them for your exterior walls since it needs good insulation.

Combine Standard and High-End Products

High quality need not automatically equate to higher costs. While not all cheap kitchens and bathrooms offer the best value for your money, many off-the-shelf renovation options are available at affordable prices.

Purchasing standard products and sprucing them up with concealed lighting, handles or paint will help you save money and achieve the results you want.

Bottom line: the key to redecorating or renovating your home beautifully ,and within your budget, is to post a goal for yourself, paint a picture of what you want and take the renovation one step at a time.