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How to save money on your next Apple Watch.

ByDave Stopher

Jul 2, 2021

The Apple Watch has been a must-buy since it was first released in 2015. Within 3 months of being available, it quickly became the best-selling wearable device. And by December 2020, it was estimated that 100 million people worldwide either owned or used an Apple Watch.

The problem with this incredible Apple device is that buying one can be quite costly. For example, the latest generation of the Apple Watch is likely to cost over £1,000. It’s undoubtedly a fantastic product. But it’s fair to say that the high costs can put people off.

So how do you get your hands on an Apple Watch and not spend too much money? The answer is easy. Buy a refurbished Apple Watch. Buying a refurbished device is a great way to save potentially hundreds of pounds and still get the same great Apple product.

Why buy an Apple Watch?

The Apple Watch is a flagship device that has spawned a whole range of wearable tech. It’s packed with incredible features – with a real focus on fitness. So let’s take you through some of the best things about the Apple Watch. You can definitely do more than just tell the time and check the date!


Every Apple Watch is designed to track your fitness. In quite literally a heartbeat, you can find out how your vitals are functioning and get a quick read on your health. The most recent Apple Watches even measure your blood-oxygen levels. And using innovative technology, they’re also able to take an ECG anytime, anywhere.

The Apple Watch is certainly no replacement for a doctor. But it does boast being able to warn you about abnormal heart rates and irregularities. It can even detect if you’ve fallen over and is built to help with your sleep. It can sync with your iPhone and stop notifications from waking you up in the night, as well as track both your time asleep and the consistency of your sleep routine – two things absolutely fundamental to good sleep health.


Equipped with workout tracking technology, the Apple Watch is able to inform you of your calory burn, exercise and standing time, as well as step counts and any elevation changes. And with VO2 Max and Cardio Fitness, you can measure overall levels of fitness and track your body’s ability to transfer oxygen to the blood.

It’s also designed to act as something of a personal trainer, providing you with both motivations and warnings should your fitness levels become too low.


The Apple Watch is more sophisticated than simply getting notifications on your wrist and reading messages that are sent to your iPhone. You can also set up Emergency SOS numbers with easy call access and even enable automatic Fall Detection to inform a contact if you’re in trouble.

Then there’s turn-by-turn navigation to help if you’re lost – no matter what form of transport you’re using. And Siri commands allow you to enable alarms, timers and reminders too. You can even display tickets and boarding passes to keep your valuable information and travel documentation safe and sound.


You can obviously make calls and receive messages with the Apple Watch – and with certain plans, this is even possible without an iPhone. The Always-On Retina Display means that the screen stays visible. And the Cellular function lets you go out without your phone. Just let your Apple Watch take care of everything!

Other fantastic features

While it’s pretty clear that health, fitness and connection are more than covered by the Apple Watch, this is a device that does so much more. Here’s what else you can enjoy:

Listen to music. Sync up to Apple Music and listen to all your favourite tracks on-the-go! Dance along to playlists and even download music while you’re out and about.

Unlock your iPhone. No need to worry about Facial Recognition or Touch ID – unlock your handset from your Apple Watch, saving both time and energy. You can also easily ‘unpair’ your Apple Watch from an iPhone – which is especially useful if you need to pass the device on to someone else or sell it at a later date.

Take screenshots. Save your latest fitness details as photos and sync them to your phone. It’ll make tracking your health easier than ever.

Check the time discreetly. If you need to check the time without anyone knowing, the Apple Watch is the one for you. You can easily set a function that allows you to gradually illuminate the time and let you peek at it privately.

Track locations. If you want to keep tabs on young children, make sure they have an Apple Watch. You can track their location and allow them to call specific emergency contacts too.

Customise your watch face. Never get bored with your watch face ever again. Set a particular image or choose from a wide range of pre-loaded choices.

Eject Water feature. From the Apple Watch (2nd Gen), the device has a neat feature that lets you remove any water after it’s been submerged. An Apple Watch can detect even the smallest of droplets, so keeping it safe is really straightforward.

Customisable straps and casing. With a range of colours, styles and designs to choose from, you really can customise every element of your Apple Watch.

What is a refurbished Apple Watch?

A refurbished Apple Watch is simply one that’s been reconditioned and is being sold as a used (or second-hand) device. But any refurbished Apple Watch should also come with a set of guarantees. The first is that it will have been rigorously tested, cleaned and checked. A reputable retailer will use state-of-the-art software to ensure that the Apple Watch works ‘like a new device’. In most cases, these tests and checks go far beyond what a ‘new’ Apple Watch is required to pass before going on sale. This means you can always be sure of both reliability and functionality when buying your refurbished Apple Watch.

Another great reason to buy a refurbished Apple Watch is that you should get a comprehensive warranty. The best retailers offer up to 12 months of protection – but never settle for anything less than 3 months, no matter what condition the refurbished Apple Watch is in. The warranty should cover you against faulty parts, mechanical defects and any associated repair bills. If you’re ever in doubt about the warranty a retailer is offering, just ask them to clarify it for you. You should never expect to pay for a warranty when buying a refurbished Apple Watch.

Save money and buy a refurbished Apple Watch

The Apple Watch really can do it all. It’s a superb device and one of Apple’s bestsellers. And with continued iOS upgrades and incredible functions like being able to perform an ECG, the Apple Watch just gets better and better.