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How to Sell an Ugly House Without Losing Your Mind

ByDave Stopher

Jun 26, 2021

Selling a house is hard, but it only gets even harder when nobody wants it. In this competitive housing market, closing a deal may feel like an uphill battle knowing that buyers have hundreds of more attractive options out there. From expansive front gardens, high ceilings, and automated houses, all these features make it seem that selling your least attractive property can be a complicated endeavor.

Although looks aren’t everything, they can make or break a buyer’s first impression. Sometimes, even if your house is in great shape, some unique features can easily throw off a long-awaited sale. But with homes flying off the shelves faster than ever during the pandemic, buyers are more eager to get their hands on any selling property. Even homeowners are taking advantage of this by grabbing cash-for-home offers for fast closures.

Selling an ugly house isn’t impossible. The scorching hot housing market is a great chance to make a sale faster than you expected. To help you land on that long-awaited deal, here are ways to sell that least attractive house without losing your mind.

Small fixes always count

One way to increase your chances of selling a home is to make it pretty. Buyers today are going online to check out homes, so you have to make sure the house is visually appealing even through a computer screen. After all, there’s a saying a seller only has 10 seconds to make buyers feel they can live in that property. But what if you got an ugly house?

Taking time to clean and repair can still make a huge difference in making a least attractive property more buyer-worthy. If you can’t afford a contractor or an interior designer, a clean-looking house still has what it takes to win some hearts.

The number of fixes depends on your budget, price point, and neighborhood. If the houses in your neighborhood almost share the same look, then you don’t need to spruce it up, especially if you don’t have the budget for it. But if you’re keen to make it look good for potential buyers, a few fixes can go a long way.

Start by making the front yard look better. Do the landscape yourself by trimming trees, sprucing up the garden, picking up dead leaves, cleaning the garage, and straightening up the exterior with fresh paint. Painting the house is the cheapest and easiest way to make that house look brand-new like it did years ago.

For the interior, consider applying fresh paint to hide stains and signs of aging. If there are any lingering odors, use bleach to neutralize the smell. Then, take the time to clean the windows, carpet, and any area that’s filled with clutter.

Be transparent

Being transparent to your potential buyers is one way to avoid getting into trouble. Whether you’re giving the buyer a tour or posting the house details on social media, never deny the obvious and hidden flaws of your property.

Sellers and agents who refuse to disclose important information about the property often get sued. In fact, it’s one of the most common legal issues in the world of real estate. If a buyer asks about the previous repair issues of the house, answer the question truthfully and negotiate the price to prevent putting off the buyer (e.g.,pre-sale renovation without upfront cost).

When citing all the negatives of the house, don’t forget to highlight its best features. Flipping houses is a new trend among buyers looking for old houses to turn them into something better. Highlighting the potential features of the house can turn into something more special with just a bit of work.

Set the right price

Money talks are the most difficult part, especially if your house is something of an eyesore. Prices easily solve all problems if you know how to set the right price. The secret lies in lowering the price and offering discounts. But by how much?

If you think repairs are not needed at all, simply subtract the repair cost from the value of the house. Buyers still look for discounts to cover the hassle of house repairs. But make sure to have some wiggle room to provide a bigger discount in case the buyer wants to factor in the unexpected costs for the repairs and upgrades.

In this hot housing market, even selling an ‘ugly house’ is not a complicated thing anymore. Homebuyers these days are getting more practical that they’d rather live in a house that can accommodate all their needs instead of a sprawling property with nothing to offer. So don’t forget to follow our suggestions above, and you’re well on your way to getting that big sale.