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How To Travel Around The UK On A Budget

ByDave Stopher

May 14, 2022 #Tourism, #travel

One of the most sought out recreational activities to relieve stress is travelling. The sight, good food, and different atmosphere give a breath of fresh air to any traveller who seeks fun and relaxation. If there’s a list of places you wish to go to, there’s a chance that you’ve considered visiting the United Kingdom.

The United Kingdom is famed for many global attractions and tourist spots that a week or two might not be enough if you want to tour all of them. You must also consider your budget as travelling around the UK is not cheap.

But, don’t worry, as you read through this article, you’ll find the greatest spots to visit and tips to minimize your expenses without compromising the enjoyment and relaxation you may experience

Places You Need To Check Out

The United Kingdom consists of four countries: England, Northern Ireland, Wales, and Scotland. With its vast land area, there are many beautiful places you can enjoy when touring around the UK.

Here are some of them:

  1. London

When travelling around the UK, the capital of England is the main attraction. With its rich culture and history, it has many attractions to offer.

The most popular attractions in London are the Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, the London Eye, and the Tower of London.

  1. Edinburgh

Famous for its historical buildings, the capital of Scotland is one of the most visited places around the UK. Edinburgh is the home of the Royal Palace, National War Memorial, and Edinburgh Castle.

  1. Cardiff

If you’re thrilled about doing outdoor activities, the capital of Wales has a lot to offer. There are national parks and historic castles you can walk into. It’s also the home for the largest collection of sea vessels – the World of Boats.

  1.            Stonehenge

One of the most renowned world heritage sites is located in the UK. Stonehenge is famous for its large stones that are dated for more than 4,000 years.

In the early records, it’s considered as a pilgrimage for worship. As of now, it’s quickly turning into a bucket list for tourists because of its magnificent structure.

  1. York Minster

One of the most stunning cathedrals in the world, the York Minster’s rich history dates back to the 3rd century. The gothic style, stained glass windows, and well-decorated interiors are a great sight for the eyes.

How to Cut Your Cost

As mentioned above, travelling in the UK is not cheap. For backpackers, mid-range, and luxury travellers, the cost is around 70 USD, 160 USD, and 400+ USD respectively. This includes food, transportation, accommodation, and entrances to several attractions.

To make the most out of your budget, here are some tips to cut your cost while travelling around the UK:

  1. Book Early

This may apply to any travel plans you have in mind. Booking your flights early can cut your cost greatly. Last-minute booking can have an additional cost that’s way expensive than the regular ticket price.

The practice of booking early will save you a lot of money when travelling around the UK and for your future travels as well.

  1. Travel on Train

One of the most famous ways to travel around the UK is to travel on a train. Aside from the romantic vibe and beautiful scenery, most of the stations are located in places with great attraction. Although it’s costly, there are ways to minimize the cost.

How to find cheap train tickets when travelling around the UK? The basics are book early and bargain for the cheapest tickets. There are also cheap ticket sales for different routes so you can time your purchase while the sale is ongoing.

  1. Eat on Pubs

Pubs are a staple all around the UK. If you want a fully satisfying meal, you must consider eating in pubs. In this way, you may save around 30 USD, which you can utilize for other expenses.

  1. Avail Taste of UK Card

The taste of a UK Card is available for every person visiting the United Kingdom. There are restaurants in which you can have great discounts for food and other commodities. It’s a great way to enjoy the sumptuous cuisines around the UK that come at a much cheaper cost.

  1. Free Tours and Museum

Free walking tours and museums are all around the UK. Most travellers enjoy this free offer as they can save more money and be organized in the places they want to visit.

You can visit sites about food, history, and architecture. Even though it’s free, you can always tip the tour guide as it is much appreciated.


Travelling around the United Kingdom on a budget is not an impossible feat to do. Just plan your trip ahead and be organized on your itinerary to maximize your time.

With its rich culture and breath-taking sights, anywhere in the UK can be a spot for tourists. Hopefully, this article enlightened you about the famous tourist spots and tips to minimize your budget for your UK adventure.