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How to write a Business research paper

ByDave Stopher

Jun 23, 2022 #North East


Do you want to know how to write a business research paper? Well, you’re in the right place. Most students hate the idea of writing a research paper. But did you know completing a business research paper is not that difficult? In this article, we’ll show you a simple and easy way of writing your business paper. Besides you can hire an essay writing service if you need to attain that quality paper required.

Table of contents

How to write a business research paper

1.Understand your assignment

2.Pick your topic

  1. Do your research

4.Business research paper format

5.Draft your paper

6.Edit and proofread your paper

7.Get professional help



How to write a business research paper

Read on and learn how to write a business research paper step by step.

  1. Understand your assignment

First, ensure that you understand your assignment. Ask yourself the following question. What is the instructor asking? This will help you give the right answer. If you want a higher grade, don’t skip this step. Read the instructions. Highlight keywords. Understand what your teacher expects. Read the grading rubric.

  1. Pick your topic

Now that you understand the assignment, pick a good topic. If your teacher provided a topic, move to the next step. For an easier time, pick a topic you have an interest in. Pick a topic you’re passionate about. It is easier to write about a topic you love. This doesn’t mean that you should know everything about the topic. The research will help you learn more about it.

  1. Research

After picking a topic, it is time to research. This is a key step on how to write a business research paper. In this step, keep three things in mind.

  • First, find scholarly sources

Your library has many good sources for your research paper. You’ll find books, journals, and reports. You’ll also find good sources of information online. The problem is that some sources are not academically reliable. For example, you cannot rely on blogs. You cannot rely on any site for scholarly information. You need to find scholarly sources such as peer-reviewed journals.

  • Second, find up-to-date sources

You need to find up-to-date sources for your business paper. For example, you can find sources published in the last 10 years. But you must follow your teacher’s instructions. If your teacher needs sources published in the last 5 years, then do so.

  • Third, find relevant sources

Find sources that are relevant to your topic. This will help support your paper. It will also improve the quality of your research.

Remember to take notes while researching. Write any relevant information. You don’t have to read everything. Read abstracts, introductions, and conclusions. This will help identify a relevant source. When you find a good paper, read through it to find important information.

  1. Business research paper format

The next step is deciding on the format of your paper. How will you structure the paper? Your teacher may have given instructions on this. Check the requirements again. In general, a business research paper will have the following format.

Business research paper template
1 Title page
2 Abstract
3 Introduction
4 Review of Literature
5 Methodology
6 Results
7 Discussion
8 Conclusion
9 References


This business research paper template may differ from one institution to the other. Again, read assignment instructions with a focus on format. If it’s not clear, consider asking your teacher about it.

Still,in business research paper format, you must identify the required writing style. Are you required to use APA, Chicago, or Harvard style? These styles determine how you format your paper. For example, the APA style needs a title page while that is not necessary for MLA.

  1. Draft your paper

Drafting is the next step on how to write a business research paper. At this point, you already know how you’ll structure your essay. Write a section at a time.

  • How to Write a Business Research Paper Introduction

In your draft, start with the introduction. You’ll write the abstract later. In the introduction, you will have several paragraphs.

First, give an overview of your topic. Start with a general point of view. Then, address a specific view. Tell your reader the issue or issues you’ll be addressing in your paper.

Second, provide the purpose of your research paper.

Third, explain the significance of your paper. Who will benefit from your business research paper?

Fourth, state the scope of your research paper.

  • How to Write a Business Research Paper Review of Literature

After the introduction, provide your literature review. This is an overview of relevant studies. What is currently known about your topic? Then, you will present a research gap that your paper will be filling. You also need to describe related theories.

  • Methodology

Here, provide the research method you used to collect data. Remember to justify your method. Explain why you chose that specific method.

  • Results

Next, present your findings. Consider the use of tables and graphs.

  • Discussion

Discuss the main findings. Explain why those findings are important. Remember to explain the strengths and limitations of your research paper.

  • How to Write a Business Research Paper Conclusion

In this step, provide an overview of your paper. What was the purpose of your business research paper? Which method did you use to collect data? What were the major findings? Do you have any recommendations?

Remember to include citations in your paper. This will help avoid plagiarism. Follow the required citation style.

  1. Edit and proofread your paper

The next step on how to write a research paper is to polish it.

First, check the structure of your paper. Have you formatted the paper as required? Check if you have included all major sections.

Second, check the content? Read through the paper. Is your content relevant? Is the content addressing the topic?

Third, check your paragraphs and sentences. Are your paragraphs balanced in terms of length? What about your sentences? If you find long sentences, cut them short.

Then, proofread your business research paper.  Check the spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Read and reread your paper to find errors. Highlight any mistake. Then, eliminate those mistakes.

  1. Get professional help

Today, we have guided you on how to write a business research paper. But there is a lot more about writing research papers. You must know how to find relevant sources easily and fast. You need to know about different research methods. You need to know how to analyze and present findings. You must be good at editing and proofreading academic papers. What if you’re having problems with any of these? You can simply get professional help from an essay writer. The best business research paper writing service can be helpful. Our professional business research paper writers will give you any help you need. You just need to contact the support team at any given time.


Writing a research paper is a process. First, you need to know what your instructor is asking. Second, you need to pick a good topic. Third, you need to research your topic. This helps in finding relevant information. Then, you need to decide about the format of your paper. From here, you should draft your paper and then polish it. We have provided a detailed guide on how to write a business research paper. Read this guide several times. It will help you write a perfect paper. Don’t skip any step. This will ensure that your paper has a smooth flow. Remember you need a quality research paper for top grades. Don’t forget to write a reference list. Before you submit the paper, re-read it again. This can be boring but it is worth it. Before re-reading, take a break. Then, come back and read it one last time. This will help submit an error-free business research paper. Now you can submit the paper.

We hope this guide was helpful. Need further assistance? Contact us today.

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