Traveling is a beautiful activity. It not only bring change within yourself but also your connections in society. It brings positive connections into your life. I remember when I was on winter holidays to Morocco, I got interacted with many of the new people, some of them are my friends and in contact with me and my family. Same is with our tour to Philipines, Our guide was a lady who lives in Manila, She guided us to roam around the important places in the country and she accompanied us. It is fortunate that we are now very good friends. The thing which makes you friendly, tolerant and socially a good accepter is to travel. It is my observation, you may differ.

What brings traveling in you to be a totally changed person

Ignorance, stereotyping, being judgemental, hatred, these all the things come with the wrong perceptions prevailing in the society. What I learned as yet that, traveling around the world is a great tool to reduce these negative things and bridges the cultural, religious and social differences with acceptability, tolerance, and brotherhood. It should be appreciated. But how it brings all that, is a question still needs an answer.

Travel encourages you to listen to others

That is right. Traveling brought a great opportunity to my life to teach me to listen to the people. When you are at home, you have less exposure to the cultures and societies far from you, it is easy to judge the people without any delay. We don’t listen to people, is the reason for our less exposure to the world. When I was traveling from the Heathrow airport to Moroccan capital Rabat, I met an Afghan traveler who was on way to explore Morocco. He told me his story and I listened to him all the way to Morocco. That was the first experience of learning things in my life by listening. By him, I learned about a lot of things which I never thought of.

This quality, by the time made space in my personality and I practiced this being in Morocco. It doubled my pleasure to explore Morocco with family. For the first time, I came to know that there are a lot of stories people have to tell. It brings you and other people close and that is a great social bond I believe. Keep listening to others, it helps you to understand and think the other way.

Travel guides you to settle with your perspectives

I, as a Britisher, was having a problem to accept the other perspectives. It comes when you collectively think that your perspective dominates over all the perspective prevails around. Traveling changed that thing in me and Now I can adjust my perspective with the one other people are having.

It came when I traveled, accepted new things to adopt, new adventures, new foods to try and especially new friends to listen and share the stories. Many common things come out and it makes you connected. After all, we are of the same planet, divided across borders, and identities. But commonly we are human beings and have many different perspectives. To have a difference in opinion, and perspective over a thing doesn’t teach you to hate a person, society, country or the whole region. You have to bridge the differences by accepting the perspectives and bridge the differences adjusting your opinion along.

Travel teaches you to be less judgemental, have more global sense

Prejudices over identity, religious beliefs, race and class of the people are very common practice. We all have prejudices on our own choices and that divides the world on hate. I was not generally a judgemental person even before, but traveling guided me on how to sensibly tackle this very issue. I have seen many changed people in my life and witnessed that by traveling they grew up in the right way. To have prejudice over any unwanted thing is a phobia or a sense of weird values been learned. So many of my friend, if ask to tackle these problems, I always suggest them to unlearn first.

To unlearn, a person becomes ready to learn new and fresh things once again in life. Remember, it is a great lesson of life, don’t to hate people on the basis of wrongly driven prejudices and perspectives. If you act being judgemental over the color, language, and religious beliefs, you are disgracing humanity. For me and my family, traveling is a great tool which helped me out to come out of this thing. We now very sensibly react on things which we know will create divisions and spread hatred. We love humanity and it is a privilege.

Traveling brings a lot of other changes too, you become a tolerant, responsible citizen and accepts new experiences in your life. You respect others, can be able to make long-lasting relationships in life. Traveling helps you to do all that so. Good luck!