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How using a cloud-based management system can help your business during these times


Jun 23, 2020

Cloud-based management systems have become the norm in business these days. Some businesses have not yet adopted these systems thinking the cost is too much for their small business or are stuck in their ways of using outdated spreadsheets. Updating your processes and adopting an online management system can improve productivity, increase profits and reduce monthly expenses. Those that think the cost is too high for what they would receive from the system need only run a free trial to get to grips with the benefits, especially towards social distancing and hygiene protocols during these times. Below are just a few features these systems provide which can take your business to the next level, all while protecting your staff and customers.


Creating mandatory questionnaires to ensure staff are following safety procedures can ensure all risks are mitigated. Recurring questionnaires, when coupled with something such as plumbing software, could be set for asset maintenance or recurring safety measures which need to be followed.

Digital Documents

Digital documents could be upload and digitised to the system. These documents could be completed on-site through a mobile app, all the while maintaining social distancing and safe hygiene practices. Documents could be comprised of any necessary compliance certificates, maintenance certificates, images or notes which would all be stored in the cloud, creating a complete document management software solution.

Job Scheduling

Using a management system which allows for the allocation and distribution of jobs can have immense effects on a business. The thought of cutting costs in terms of fuel and speeding up delivery and completion times would make any business owner jump at this type of software. Using a job scheduling app means field workers no longer have to come into the office to receive their job list. It also means that reactive jobs can be more easily assigned to staff which are closer or to the first available field worker. These are just the tip of the iceberg, but can you imagine the increase in productivity, reduction in fuel costs, improved customer satisfaction, not to mention all the new business you will receive through word of mouth thanks to the rapid response customers receive.

Job Approval

Most systems allow for a signature canvas to gain approvals on successful job completion. There are, however, some software providers out there who have taken the initiative of creating more future proof, forward-thinking approval methods. These approval methods are designed with social distancing in mind and gain approval from customers through non-touch methods. SMS, Audio and Email Approvals are just some of the methods which have been developed to keep both staff and customers safe in today’s current environment.

These features are just a few of what you can expect from a typical cloud-based management system. To find one that suits your company best, test them out using the many free trials available. Run these trials for the given time and take full advantage of the support available to determine whether the specific job management system fits your business, if not, simply test out the next one. Ensure the trials are under no obligation and put your companies best foot forward by providing a more sustainable environment for your workers and customers.