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How you may get the best divorce lawyer

ByDave Stopher

Jul 11, 2021

It’s hard to know what to do when you are facing a divorce. Many people don’t have any prior experience when it comes to the legal requirements associated with this challenging process. No wonder, there are many stories out there of people who have wasted their money and time as they try one divorce attorney after another trying to get the right one. 

And yet, hiring the right lawyer can be the key to what may be a less expensive and faster divorce than going for a long and drawn-out financial and emotional nightmare. The truth is that you need to learn from a Huntsville child support lawyer to know what to do to find the best divorce attorney so that you can invest your hopes, dreams, and money in the right one. This article discusses how you  may get the best divorce lawyer. A suitable divorce lawyer needs to have the experience and legal knowledge you need like a divorce lawyer in Houston

Be realistic

You should know that divorce refers to a legal process that aims at dissolving your assets as well as resolving custody issues. The job of your divorce attorney is to represent you in the best way possible during the divorce process. While you may desire them to listen to your frustration, anger, sadness, and pain, this is not part of their job. This is because divorce attorneys are not trained to be your coach or therapist, so don’t expect them to be.

Because your divorce lawyer charges fees for their services and time is of the essence, it’s a good idea to use them correctly. Remember that what may be important to you may hardly register for them when it comes to their scope of legal practice. Simply put, you need to be realistic about their roles, and what you should expect from them. 

Stay focused on your goals

Your ultimate goal in the divorce process is simply to get divorce. And, it can be good if you can achieve this without experiencing any major problems that can affect your lifestyle. You should not allow your emotions to come in when it comes to negotiating over assets that mean little to you when it comes to the bigger picture. 

If you do, the divorce may take longer and more expensive than necessary.  As you can see, this is not worth it, so you need to focus on having the divorce quickly with little financial damages.

You should know what you want

Before you hire a divorce lawyer, you also need to consider other alternatives to litigation. If you are not entirely entangled with finances and children, you can choose to find a mediator to assist you negotiate better terms for the divorce. After all, mediation happens to be the cheapest and fastest way you can get divorce and you may not even want to hire an attorney.

However, if you are experiencing a more complicated negotiation, then you need to find a divorce attorney at Leigh Daniel, Attorney at Law so that they can negotiate a good settlement with the other party’s attorney. You can also look into getting a collaborative divorce. Keep in mind that a collaborative divorce refers to a negotiation that aims at having a co-parenting relationship. If this fails, then your last chance is a litigated trial. 

In most situations, these are cases that have parties that don’t want to compromise. Therefore, you should always know what type of divorce lawyer you can require depending on your unique circumstances. Any divorce lawyer you consult can attempt to guide you in the direction of their expertise. So it’s up to you to understand what you desire first to make the right choice. 

Choose three potential divorce attorneys

You should avoid hiring the first divorce attorney you encounter. This is because all the divorce attorneys are the same. Instead, you need to identify at least three divorce lawyers so that you can interview them before you make a decision. But it’s important to hire a divorce lawyer who specializes in family law. Even better, the attorney should have experience in the type of divorce that you want.

A suitable divorce lawyer needs to have the experience and legal knowledge you need. In this way, they can be in a better position to assist you understand the divorce process. The attorney should know how to negotiate and communicate with the interested parties and must be creative when it comes to solving your divorce problems.

A good divorce lawyer should also be familiar with the family law judges in the jurisdiction regardless of whether or not the divorce is going for trial. Such attorneys can advise you properly on legal strategy.

To find potential divorce attorneys, you need to ask your friends and family members for recommendations. You can also ask your estate or trust lawyer for divorce attorney recommendations. But you need to check the websites that offer client reviews of lawyers to determine if they are right for you.

Research and interview potential divorce attorneys

You can call the potential divorce attorneys and ask them about their familiarity with the family law and experience. Ask the attorney the type of clients they usually represent and the rates they charge.

Many divorce attorneys can charge an hourly fee and may need a retainer which is a fee that they charge in advance. Some attorneys can also negotiate their fees depending on expected settlements. But you should not waste their or your time on a meeting if you think the fees are out of range. Most divorce lawyers offer a free consultation so that you can discuss any specific situation and to find out their legal approach to the divorce process.