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How your business can win with startup events

ByDave Stopher

Mar 18, 2022 #Business

If you are a startup founder, you know how favorable for business success are fresh ideas, insights, business education, partnerships and investment. 

These are things that draw digital entrepreneurs to startup events. The link leads to the overview about magic opportunities of startup events and select those that you consider are worth attention. 

What differs a startup event from other occasions

Since you are eager to be on the cutting edge in your industry, you have to enhance your knowledge and skills and spread your professional connections constantly. 

Startup events are well-organized meetings that unite many hundreds of people with specific purposes like sharing expertise in business and IT domain, exchanging fresh ideas and technologies, looking for promising investment opportunities and pitching startup ideas for getting finances and experts’ consultations.  

This is definitely a place to be in case you are looking for development and support for your project. 

How can a startup event impact your project?

Regardless of its scale and specialization, startup events are always a place where you can meet people with alike values and preferences, learn from leading experts and even get money for your project development. But let’s highlight all the benefits you get attending startup events thoroughly.

  1. Broaden your perception of your project in the worldwide context.

Observing other product development from seed stage to successful scaling and IPO, you can take some useful tactics for your business practices and determine more optimal the place for your product in the market. In the light of new information from business experts you can change and improve all the aspects related to your startup: select marketing tools, monetization strategy etc. 

  • Boost your «thinking out of the box» abilities

Communication with the best experts in narrow fields can inspire you to implement innovations into the product on different levels. Whatever you consider, advanced technologies, UX standards or design trends, you can discover something new and fresh in order to make your product better. Nowadays it’s a crucial thing for the success of the project to attract attention. That’s why inventing unconventional advantages is a future-shaping feature for building a profitable startup. 

  • Enforce you business network

You probably heard this wisdom many times: it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. The startup event is a proper place to check how it works. Making new acquaintances, you can write down in your telephone book telephone numbers of potential clients, partners, colleges and even investors. Thanks to post-event development of relationships you can enforce your business with first-class professionals and get real feedback from customers. Acquaintances in PR, media companies or bloggers with appropriate audiences can help you with successful promotion in the market.

  • Find an appropriate mentor

Startup events are traditionally a place where experts of all kinds are concentrated. They are open to share their expertise and apply their experience and skills in order to encourage your business evolution. Regardless of the specifics of your project, you can meet an experienced entrepreneur whose background matches your needs. Due to this communication you have a chance to get answers to your questions that can’t be satisfied with books, magazines or other sources of information.

  • Get highly skilled specialists in your team

Deep level of expertise, high qualification and proven track of successful works, enthusiasm and love for what you’re doing – these are signs you deal with talented IT engineers, designers and marketers. Take talents onboard to speed and enhance development of the product. 

  • Expand your partner connections

Mutually beneficial collaboration with other companies is a foundation for business success. If you are looking for partners purposefully, you are enabled to achieve your goals faster and with less effort. For example, you can expand the assortment of goods your marketplace offers due to new suppliers or improve your services with the help of a coalition with financial institutions. Friendly relationship with a strong marketing team can increase the popularity of your project many times

  • Communicate directly with potential customers

Feedback based on real emotions and ideas from your customers is the best foundation for further development. Unlike the imaginable pros and cons, you will learn more about the actual situation with your app. Practical experience your customers had dealing with your product will indicate what should be done differently and why. 

  • Get popularity via media channels

Every organization committee tries to attract media support for the startup event. Since different TV channels, magazines, and media sites shed light on what happens, you can get a chance to promote your project via miscellaneous channels. Established connections with journalists will help you make your product famous in the future. 

  • Get investment

Thousands of digital entrepreneurs are present at startup events with the practical purpose to get financial support for their project. The better you are prepared for pitching your startup idea, the more chances to achieve your goals. Instead of a presentation on paper and in powerpoint or a simple prototype, build an MVP. The really working project will convince funds-givers of your serious ambitions and will make sure use of an idea and its feasibility in the real market. As far as it is a very competitive industry, it’s wiser to think over all the things that stand your idea out of others in advance.

  • Boost your motivation

Social support is also very important. When thousands of people charged for success gather in one place, it provides a particular inspiring atmosphere where your belief in your team and business idea strengthens. Listening to success stories boosts your resoluteness to fulfill the plan. 

  • Break everyday routine

Most startup events are usually organized in amazing places with mild climate, natural and cultural sights of interest. Attending startup events, you can get refreshed and get your batteries charged for the further breakthrough. Some startup events have special entertainment programs for participants that turn it into a bright happening. 

The organization of startup conferences has the following forms: online and offline, and a mix of the previous two.

The pandemic and other restrictions caused the transformation of some startup events into becoming online. The good side of this novation is you can visit them from home and at a lower price.

The main advantages of real presence in the event are understandable: you feel more encouragement, more engagement in the educational process. Live communication with many participants is cool. In other words,  you can gain information through all the diversity of perceptive channels. As it’s a common way to be engaged, for many of us it’s more convenient.

As there’s no need to feel anxious about miscellaneous restrictions caused  by medical and political reasons, the online format shows its benefits. Add to this an opportunity to get in touch with people you need with ease ( you won’t lose them in the crowd). You can choose what kind of events suit you better.

Let’s make an overview of the brightest upcoming events.


Startup Grind 

When: February 28 — March 2, 2022

Where: Silicon Valley

Format: mixed

The Startup Grind is popular among companies with different experiences. It offers opportunities for individual consulting and business networking. Exhibitions, seminars and expert performances await visitors. There’s also an option like discussing your business with investors. 

Who participates

Leading experts, investors and IT organizations of all sizes are invited to participate. Massive media support is provided. It’s available for students as well. 

Why participate

If you want to learn more about fundraising, marketing, customer services, sales and brainstorming, Startup Grind is a place to be. Those who’re looking for funds can establish relationships with investors. 

How to take part

Depending on the format , you can buy tickets for the program in Silicon Valley or to connect to the online event after the submission order for it on the website. 


Web Summit 

When: November 1—4, 

Where: Lisbon, Portugal

Format: offline. 

Web Summit is one of the industry-defining events that draws audiences by inviting the public and specialists in various fields in one place. According to Forbes, this convention is out of the competition in the world. 

Who participates

This convention attracts about 70 thousands visitors annually. Among the most famous guests in previous years are the leading entrepreneurs like Elon Musk and scientists like Stephen Hawking. Along with big-scaled companies, the event is open for newbies: startups and seed-stage digital businesses.

Why participate

If the idea of your startup is big and innovative, you can count on finding direct and indirect support here. There is a special program for startups that lets startup founders connect with leaders in different domains, get professional advice and financial support for development of their projects.


EU-Startups Summit

When: May 12-13, 2022 

Where: Spain, Barcelona

Format: offline

This is an inspiring event for European entrepreneurs that lets them share ideas worth spreading and get knowledge and business advice from top-level experts.

Who participates

Beautiful in spring Barcelona is waiting for 1500 attendee’s. Among them are top experts, tech companies representatives and well-known in the niche bloggers and media, startup founders and investors from various countries. 

Why participate

The event expects to attract 70+ speakers. Guests who were proud of the event in previous  sessions included owners of fast growing  businesses like Frederic Mazzella ( BlaBlaCar), O​scar ​Pierre (Glovo) and more. The event is famous for its cool startup-investor ratios. 


South Summit 

When:June 8-10,2022

Where: Madrid

Format: offline

One more event that is expected to be held in a beautiful location. It’s available online as well next year.

Who participates

Spanish administration, tech companies and digital entrepreneurs, IT related bloggers and media representatives, investors.

Why participate

You can pitch your project to investors and win funds. It isn’t easy as there are one hundred innovative startups fighting for the winner’s prize. 

If you are planning to take part, visit websites to book your place.

These are only four events to pay attention to. But if you are interested in keeping your finger on the pulse of the digital business industry, examine the best startup events

Whatever the scale of your company and the purposes for its development, you can add to your  treasury something worthwhile being in the temporary community that startup events create. Practice shows that startup business can win in many aspects due to these meetings. Though  the ticket can be costly, it rewards you with key things for success: educational materials, marketing support and investment.

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