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Howay man, give the Geordie Games a gan!

FORGET the World Athletics Championships taking place in London, entries are now open for the ultimate sporting test – The Geordie Games.

It might be a case of “tara bonny lads” to Usain Bolt and Mo Farah, but we’ll be saying “aareet” to new legends battling it out in seven hilarious games, including “The Geordie Ale Run” and “The Kebab Shop Duel”.

The games are being staged in aid of the Butterwick Hospice between 10am and 4pm on Sunday, September 3, at Hardwick Hall Hotel, near Sedgefield.

The hard-fought games will be as follows:

The Geordie Ale Run: Finely-honed athletes have to leg it as far as possible while holding a bottle of beer and with a bungee rope strapped round their waist.

Pitch and Toss: Also made harder by virtue of the fact that athletes will have to wear real beer goggles while doing the chucking.

On Ya Bike: Team members have to dodge a “sweeper” powered by someone pedalling like mad on a bike.

Geet Massive Sumo Marras: This means getting into comical fighting suits and battling it out until the opposition end up on their backs.

Sling Ya Hook:  Involves chucking hoops over bottles to score points while in a state of dizziness.

The Kebab Shop Duel: Perhaps the most brutal of the games because the aim is to knock the opponent’s block off for nicking ya bait. Divvent fret – you’ll be wearing special costumes with detachable heads.

Geordie Bumpers: A wacky race on huge inflatable tubes will leave you aching with laughter.

A Butterwick Hospice spokesman said: “It’s a chance to have a crackin’ good time with ya marras while raising money for a reet good cause.”

How much will it set you back? It’s £35 per person to have a gan. To enter, go to

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