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Immigration Lawyer: When Do You Need One

Moving from one house to another is already a chore that everyone hates; imagine moving from one country to another. When you decide to immigrate to another country for any reason, you’ll have to take into consideration a lot of things. The situation can get pretty overwhelming if you don’t have anyone to consult. The process of applying for a green card or visa is pretty clear and straightforward without the need of hiring a lawyer to set it up. The problems requiring a lawyer usually emerge in various situations, and they are usually unexpected. Immigration laws aren’t exactly made to match a layman’s expertise in law. Bureaucracy can easily stop immigrants in their tracks for the slightest of mistakes. 

We’ve gathered a little list of situations where an immigration lawyer can get you out of a few pickles.

Help in Court

Immigration court proceedings that involve deportation are very dangerous to approach without having a skilled immigration lawyer by your side. The procedures for immigration are completely under the power of the court, leaving the conventional immigration procedures in the dust. The immigration lawyers from Carman Fullerton are aware of how frightening and confusing immigration or ICE issues are. Having lawyers that speak your native language is going to make your immigration process much smoother. Once you get word that your court proceedings are incomplete or that an appeal is required, you need to involve your immigration lawyer immediately.

Too Many Choices

What you’re doing is going to dictate the course of applying for a visa or a green card. The problem is that the number of visas you can apply for can be overwhelming as you try to decide which one is best for your situation. Consulting an immigration lawyer before applying for a visa can help you get through a lot of unnecessary trouble. The visa situation can easily become more complicated if you’re trying to migrate with your family. A married couple can either apply for an immigrant visa or a K-3 visa, depending on the couple’s preferences and a lawyer’s advice.

Employers Dealing with Foreigners

Business owners are usually too busy to make room in their schedule to research complicated immigration laws. As an employer, it’s natural for you to look for outside talent. The next step would be securing a green card for the employee that you’d like to employ. You’ll need to finish the labor certification process, known as PERM. This certification requires placing specific advertisements using tight and strict criteria that involve a lot of deadlines, specific ads, and other time-consuming requirements. Most employers find it difficult to complete the PERM 9089, not to mention that the slightest mistake could ruin the form.

Immigration lawyers are adept at dealing with PERM forms, and their experience enables them to navigate the complex ins and outs of the forms. Salaries and other recruitment requirements are placed under the microscope before the visa is granted. Immigration lawyers know how important the process is for many employees and employers which makes them prioritize creating a perfect PERM form.


Bureaucracy can transform a process that should take 5-minutes tops into an ordeal that requires weeks of filling out paperwork. If you manage to stumble on the easiest immigration form, don’t expect yourself to be in the clear just yet. Instructions that involve going to different institutions, filling out paperwork, and paying fees are going to haunt you through every immigration form. The problem isn’t just the effort that you’ll have to exert, but also the risk of making a simple mistake that can get your form denied in a heartbeat. 

Immigration lawyers are quite used to filling out immigration paperwork, leaving no room for mistakes in your forms. It takes years to learn all the knowledge and requirements of different immigration forms. An immigration lawyer is able to streamline the process to reduce the time it takes to fill out all the required paperwork. While it may seem simple from the outside, the process is stressful when you’re overwhelmed by all the different immigration systems.

Post-Visa Consultations

These consultations are after you pass the visa or green card process successfully, obtaining your permanent residency. It’s important to note that immigrants have some special laws that apply to immigrants that may differ from the conventional laws of permanent residents. Breaking these laws can result in deportation and prosecution. An experienced immigration lawyer can ensure that you’re aware of all the rules that can result in problematic situations. Using an immigration lawyer is a must if you happen to fall into a dilemma related to immigration laws. 

Finding Jobs

Immigrants don’t have it easy when it comes to finding jobs. The competition between original citizens and immigrants are heavily tipped in favor of original citizens. Unfortunately, simply finding a job isn’t enough as immigrants’ salaries are known to be a bit lower than their residential counterparts. Immigration lawyers know by heart the problems that new immigrants face every time they look for a job. They can provide help by handling HR staff and finding lucrative job opportunities for immigrants. No matter how hard it may appear, your immigration lawyer should be capable of providing you with the resources needed for recruitment and hiring.

Handling Delays and New Regulations

A lot of immigrants find themselves with no other option except consulting immigration lawyers when it comes to encountering problems from the USCIS or consulate. The delays that can sometimes go on for months due to bureaucracy glitches can make your immigration process unbearable. While lawyers may not have the legal power to control the situation completely, they’ll at least be able to report the delays through inquiry lines. 

Any new regulations or laws can become very problematic if you’re in the dark. Immigration lawyers can notify you regarding the updates and what needs to be done about them as soon as the lawyers hear about those updates. You don’t want to find yourself in danger of getting deported due to not submitting a new form at the right time.

Immigration is not an easy process no matter how you look at it. There are going to be obstacles and problems that you’ll have to overcome. Immigration lawyers can back you up in your journey of obtaining a visa, green card, or any type of citizenship. During the procedure of immigration, make sure that your immigration lawyer is on speed dial.

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