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How to Improve Your Wi-Fi Printer’s Security

Wi-Fi printers can greatly improve your office in a number of simple, but effective, ways.

They save precious space by cutting down on trailing wires, and since they don’t need to be physically connected to a device, they can easily be tucked away, improving workplace aesthetic.

However, along with the benefits, there are also some extra steps that need to be taken to ensure that your wireless printer is secure and not leaving your office open to any security risks.

To make sure that your device isn’t a weak link in your security, or to doublecheck the security steps you’ve taken with your printer already, here are a few simple guidelines and tips that you can follow:

Remove old data

One of the simplest ways to add an extra layer of security to your office, and ensure that there’s not an unnecessary collection of information waiting for someone to stumble upon, is to delete old data from your printer.

This action is so quick and easy that it’s often overlooked. However, it will greatly improve the security of your Samsung printer, or any other major printer model.

It is possible to set data to be automatically removed on some devices, or for extra peace of mind it can be done manually.

Start with your Wi-Fi network

As a wireless printer relies heavily on your Wi-Fi network to work, this is a good place to start when attempting to up your security.

Modern technology protection, like HP printer security, is incredibly advanced, and can prevent a great deal of attacks or heists. However, if you are failing to secure your own Wi-Fi network, these advanced security features may not be enough.

To reinforce your printer’s inbuilt security settings, it is essential to ensure that the Wi-Fi network your printer is connected to is secure and only being used by authorized staff from your own company. Connecting your printer to a communal or unprotected Wi-Fi network will leave your device incredibly vulnerable to attack.

Set a PIN

In large and busy offices, where there are different faces coming and going all day, it can be hard to take note of who is using your devices.

An easy way to give yourself peace of mind and ensure that your machines are only being used by those who are designated to, is to set a customized pin on, for instance, your Samsung printer.

This will mean that your data will be inaccessible to certain people, as they will no longer have the ability to simply walk up and view information that has been sent to your device.

Along with this, it will mean that print jobs can only be sent by employees who you have shared the PIN with, which can save money on print jobs if your printer has previously been communally accessible.


Keep your device updated
You might think that keeping your printer software updated is not that important if your machine is still functioning.

However, these updates from your manufacturer can quite often contain security upgrades that will prevent the ever-changing methods of bypassing your security from working.

Ensure you are keeping on top of all your printer updates, to keep your data out of the wrong hands.

There you have it, some simple guidelines to follow which will greatly improve the security of not only your printer, but your whole office.

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