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Oct 28, 2018

A leading North East software company is behind the success of many leading brands and organisations across the UK increasing their Christmas revenue and staff productivity, thanks to a innovative software package.

Advent Calendar Online, a product launched by Teesside based Calm, has already attracted huge household names including Lindt, Holiday Pirates, Scenic Tours and The Wasps Rugby Club!

The software is ideal for interacting with both customer bases and inhouse staff, improving staff morale, growing mailing lists, increasing social media engagement and driving footfall to websites.

Helen Stewart, director of Calm, explains:

“At Christmas it is easy for companies to get swallowed up in the excitement and many have to look for a way to stand out. From international and national brands, to local companies, the Advent Calendar Online is an attractive proposition as prices start from £495, meaning it is accessible for everyone.

“Our current customers, which also include Toyota, Plumb Centre and Team Sky, have all invested to different levels with singular uses which shows how flexible the product is. Lindt are using it successfully for staff engagement with their head office and sales team, increasing productivity at a time when staff want to down tools.

“Holiday companies always find the Christmas period quiet too, so our online advent games for Holiday Pirates and Scenic Tours are always a success – they draw people in with the lure of winning a holiday and boost bookings!”

Impressive stats from last year’s customers include a 42% increase in website leads, 122,000 entering one calendar, 18,000 new sign ups to one database, a ROI of 560% for Butlins, an increase of social media followers by 40% in December alone for another and Monarch Airlines saw their revenue increase by £1.1million. In total Calm’s advent clients enjoyed 1,383,502 visitors, received 894,586 entries and gained 508,703 social referrals and the team are looking to beat that this year.

Mila Genova of Holiday Pirates, who run the advent campaign annually, said:

“Our advent campaign runs for 24 days, and last year we received a staggering 1.1million visits to the Holiday Pirates website, a 30% increase in whatsapp and newsletter sign ups and a massive 200% ROI.

“We are always impressed by the dedication of the Calm team. They are available when support is needed and they stay online with us until early hours to make sure that the launch of the campaign goes smoothly. Keep up the great job guys!”

The Avent Calendar Online team will work with each company to ensure it achieves their goals. Each day a new surprise is unveiled to customers or staff, with daily prize draws, promotion vouchers than increase spend, and festive facts, tips, puzzles or trivia. They work on a variety of platforms including mobile and are customised in their design.

More information is available on www.adventcalendaronline.com