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Innovative Ways To Incorporate Video Into Your Marketing Strategy


Aug 11, 2022

Video content is a popular method of communicating online, with many news outlets and content creators sharing their messages through video.

It’s not just entertainment that viewers look for from video content: many also seek information and knowledge.

Many consumers turn to video content to learn more about the businesses they buy from and what they can do for them.

With as many as 96% of consumers turning to video to understand products and services, now more than ever, businesses need to embrace video content and start using it to bolster their marketing strategies.

If you’re unsure about how videos can improve your online presence and digital marketing plan, then here are some suggestions.

Share Instructions Via Video

The simplest way to use video to market your business is to share instructional videos on how to make the most of your products and services. Instructional videos are easy to create, as you can just talk into the camera and then add some shots of you and your team using the product or completing the service. These videos can be a useful tool both for generating leads and sharing information with clients, meaning you won’t have to explain to each individual how the product works or what the service is. Make sure that you don’t create dull instructional videos by interspersing them with clips and by using music and an engaging presenter. If you’re not very good at speaking into the camera, then consider asking a member of your team to do it instead. You can then create engaging instructional videos that will benefit your audience and could help you generate leads for your company.

Create Fun Animations

Corporate videos don’t have to be simply one person talking; you could also consider using animation to convey your message. Animated videos can be a fun way to make a boring or complicated topic more enjoyable to watch and learn about. You can create fun characters or make animated versions of real people such as celebrities or even your staff. These videos can be fun and a unique way to make your brand more approachable and fun. While animated videos might seem harder to make than standard videos shot with a camera, experts like Digital Finch offer animated video production services that will save you time and allow you to share unique and engaging animated videos.

Use Short Clips

Videos don’t have to be long to be impactful. The rising popularity of social media sites such as TikTok has highlighted the increased popularity of short-form videos. These brief videos, which can be as short as just 15 seconds, are a simple and effective way to share your message, provided you make them interesting and engaging. Video clips are particularly effective when marketing to younger clients and operating in niches such as fashion and cosmetics, where social media is a key driving factor. If you don’t want to create these short clips yourself or don’t feel like you have the right following, consider using influencer marketing to get access to platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels, so you can reach your target audience effectively.

Host Live Video Events

Live video events can be a great way to humanise your brand and highlight the people behind your business. They can also be a great way to introduce live events and connect with your audience, such as by videoing a live conference or sharing the results of a competition live. While videoing your team and sharing it live might seem dangerous as you run the risk of sharing inappropriate or unflattering content, if you make sure that you inform everyone prior to the live stream. Live videos can be a great way to showcase the people behind your business and connect with your audience, making them a great solution for companies that don’t interact a lot with their consumers, such as those who operate remotely. A live video can be hosted on your website and social media accounts, offering cross-channel marketing that will reach a wide audience and could significantly benefit your business.

In Summary

Overall, videos are a great way to grow your business and enhance your digital marketing strategy. Videos are becoming increasingly popular among consumers thanks to their convenience and entertainment value. With almost 3 quarters of the UK population watching digital videos, it’s clear that this is the future of the marketing industry. If your business wants to stay ahead of its competition and generate the leads it needs to grow, then creating and distributing compelling video content is essential. There are many types of marketing videos you can create, and this article highlights, they’re not as difficult to make as you might think. So, use this article to learn more about the video marketing world and start experimenting with different types of content that will entice potential customers and increase your brand awareness over the coming years.


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