• Thu. Nov 30th, 2023

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Inspiring STEM – ‘Inspire, Connect, Enthuse’


Kickstart your New Year’s resolutions and give something back to the community whilst working on your own personal development!

We are launching a series of ‘Inspiring STEM’ events as we would like to meet and engage with North East business professionals willing to join our STEM Ambassador programme.

Being a STEM Ambassador is about engaging and enthusing young people with science, technology, engineering, and mathematics so this is the perfect opportunity to sign up and be part of making a brighter future for children in your local area.

The events will give the opportunity to hear about the programme, the benefits of being a STEM Ambassador and also the benefits for your businesses of taking part.

We have invited teachers to come along and share the great impact the programme is having on their pupils and how having that personal contact with professionals is influencing their career choices and aspirations.

By joining the programme you have the opportunity to give something back to education, the wider community and also the opportunity to network with like-minded businesses.

Individuals benefit from increased confidence, communication skills, teamwork, knowledge of young people and education, leadership skills and organisation. For companies the benefits include getting their name known in the local area, influencing the talent pipeline and helping to shape them so future candidates have the skills you need.

There is also free training available as part of the programme as well as online courses on the STEM website.

Upskill, raise the profile of your business and help increase local talent.

Find out more about the STEM Ambassador Hub North East here ->> http://stem.rtcnorth.co.uk/

Other Inspire STEM events around the region can be found here: