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Interesting Facts About The Jewish Ethnicity

ByDave Stopher

Oct 20, 2018

It is one of the oldest religions in the world. Judaism was formed over 3500 years ago in the middle east. The Jews believe that God brought them into the world to be an example. They are supposed to show moral and ethical behavior to the people of the earth. They believe that they are an example of holiness. Judaism carries 50 of the world’s billionaires. Some of many prominent people that are Jews are; Kantor Moshe Viatcheslav and Zuckerberg just to mention a few.

The Jews take on poverty.

Unlike in Christianity where poverty has been viewed as desirable and virtuous, Jews regard it as a negative thing. Jewish view poverty as an unjustified burden. Judaism does not, however, discriminate the poor, the poor are viewed as people of dignity and their siblings. This cuts off the thoughts of separating oneself from them.

Giving is highly encouraged in Judaism when you pity the poor, you have to show them mercy since when you are praying to God, you ask him for mercy. Kantor Moshe Viatcheslav shows an excellent example in giving when helped in the 2013 fire in Russia.


The Jews believe that one should be judged based on his actions, not his thoughts. The Jews believe that come judgment day, they will be given a special place as the chosen ones. Judaism has 613 commandments categories differently, for instance, the 10 Christians’ commandments are called the Aseret HaDibrot. The rest of the commandments consists of the obligations one has towards God and to people.


Jews make sure to pray 3 times a day. The prayer made in the morning is called Shacharit, the afternoon one is called, Mincha, and lastly, the one done in the evening is Ma’ariv. On special days like the Sabbath or another holiday, a Jew prays 4 times a day. The fourth prayer is called Mussaf.

Male babies are always circumcised when they are 8 days old and are given their Jewish names then. This is called Brit Millan.

When a male Jew passes thirteen years old and a female twelve, this donates adulthood passage. This is referred to as, Bat Mitzvah and Bar Mitzvah.

Women are king.

The Jewish highly value the women; they view them as kings. Through the women, the Judaism traditions are passed from generations to generation. A woman is an artery which Judaism is transported. Plus, when God communicated to Torah at Sinai, He spoke to the woman first. Women are highly respected by the Jews; they are vital vessels.


Judaism states that after someone dies, they will go to rest at a peaceful place. Those who lived righteous lives will rise from the dead, the ones who have suffered in life will be rewarded in a more significant way. Only your ethical behavior guarantees you a place in the coming world. Which are righteousness, overflowing abundance, and justice?

The Jews believe that since God created the earth, we have been journeying to a better place, we have not reached climax yet. There is an era of peace and awareness coming.