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International industrialists flock to share Teesside steelmaking & casting expertise

ByDave Stopher

Oct 2, 2016

Delegates from around the world, including Brazil, Canada, Turkey and the United Kingdom, attended the latest steelmaking and casting course run by the Materials Processing Institute, which has been refining its industrial expertise for more than 70 years.

The course combines theoretical and practical elements and covers the fundamentals of the steelmaking and continuous casting processes, including the primary steelmaking basic oxygen furnace process, electric arc furnaces, secondary steelmaking, machine engineering, casting metallurgy, casting process modelling. Other topics covered include emerging steelmaking technologies and environmental issues facing the steel industry.

David Stamp, Steel Industry Training Manager at the Materials Processing Institute said: “For more than 70 years the Materials Processing Institute has been at the forefront of innovations and technology development in the steel industry. Through these training courses we are able to share our knowledge and expertise. We are delighted to welcome delegates from international organisations and pass on the knowledge accumulated over generations of steel industry support.”

Ricardo de Figueiredo of Vallourec & Sumitomo Tubos do Brasil Ltda said: “The course was very comprehensive, covering all important topics of steelmaking and casting processes and technologies. The balance between theory and practice was also highly appreciated. Delegates came from all sectors such as project specialists, process engineers, commissioning managers, production managers and sales executives. This multidisciplinary team was very important to allow profitable discussions and enriched my participation in the course.”

Matthew Parsons from Heraeus Electro-Nite, added: “It was an excellent experience to learn a large amount of information in a relatively short time, given at a good pace and well explained by the instructors. The course was so beneficial for my job and career.”