Be honest. When you were told to work from home, did you picture yourself working in your PJs? Casually catching up on your favourite TV show between tasks and working at a pace that suited you? It’s easy to think that working from home is an easy ride, when in fact it comes with its own set of challenges.

While some might thrive in a home working environment, others are counting down until they can return to a more conventional way of working and to escape the constant issues that plague WFH. Read on to discover the irritating problems that only people who WFH can relate to.

Running out of work supplies

You’ve been asked to print a document, or you want a hard copy of a particular file you need. You press print and there’s a problem – you ran out of ink weeks ago. It’s only a little issue, but it’s incredibly frustrating and it can really mess with your productivity. If you want to keep your ink and printing supplies topped up without breaking the bank check out these deals on HP ink cartridges, HP printer toner cartridges now and start saving money and time!

You don’t take breaks

As mentioned earlier, working from home inspires visions of watching TV between calls and picking up those tasks as and when you feel like it. In reality, however, it couldn’t be further from the truth! In a traditional working environment, you’re encouraged to take breaks and your working day is more structured, working from home, however, blurs the lines between breaks and work, making it harder to remember to take time away from your desk.

WIFI problems

Connectivity is rarely an issue at your old office, and with an IT department on hand, any issues that do arise are dealt with incredibly swiftly. When you’re working from home, you’re also the IT person. This means you’re often at the mercy of your poor, standard Wi-Fi connection that keeps cutting out during those weekly team meetings. Nightmare!


A client has asked for an amendment to their account. That’s fine. In a traditional working office, you’d simply get up from your desk and let your fellow employee know about the situation. Working from home, however, creates a chain of communication that prolongs every encounter and often stunts productivity and efficiency. A simple chat with a colleague these days now means a chain of emails, unanswered IMs and lengthy phone calls that take up more time than they should.

You can’t switch off

One of the positives of working in a traditional office is that you can leave your work behind you at the end of the day. But those who work from home will understand that when your laptop is in the corner and you have a barrage of emails to work through, it’s just not that simple. It’s difficult to switch off when you work from home because we feel pressured to continue to work simply because there’s no commute involved and our work equipment is readily available.

Which ones do you relate to most?