Laser hair removal is more complicated and can appear more expensive than most other forms of hair removal that people are used to.  Since its invention in the 1960s, the technology has come a long way and keeps gaining popularity. Since it is one of the newer options in the market, there are unverified rumours floating around about its effectiveness, safety, cost etc. It is true that it is an advanced process that should not be performed by anyone who doesn’t have sufficient training or expertise in it. Done correctly it is a long term solution in getting rid of body hair. Before seeing how it compares to other methods let us find out how it removes hair.

How it works

Laser hair removal works by heating hair follicles by targeting them through laser. This destroys the hair along with its root. Even if the hair grows back the new one would be much thinner and hard to notice on the skin. According to an experienced service provider like Thérapie Clinic, it only affects the specific structure of the hair and follicle, leaving the surrounding area undamaged. It is advised that the hair should not be too long or thick. A qualified professional would take all precautions to make sure that things go smoothly. It is a quick process that is relatively painless. Users usually report feeling a tiny pinprick like sensation while going through this treatment. Click here for more information

Other Options

One of the oldest and most popular ways of hair removal is through shaving. It is cheap and doesn’t take much time. There are a lot of drawbacks for it though. It leaves behind, thick and prickly stubble and the hair starts growing back very quickly.

Waxing, epilation and using depilatory creams offer a solution that lasts for a longer time. Waxing can be painful and both these methods work only over a small period of time. Waxing pulls out the roots of the hair, hence the pain and the slightly longer period it takes to grow back.

Beauty salons would offer slightly more advanced solutions like plucking and threading. These processes also offer only temporary relief. They are also considered a bit painful.

Electrolysis is a process that offers a long term relief. It works by applying an electric current to the hair. It is a time-consuming process as only one hair is targeted at a time. It requires an expert to perform it. This also makes it one of the most expensive options.

What method is right?

If a person wishes to remove unwanted hair, laser hair removal is one of the best methods. Especially over a long time, it would make more sense. The other options might appear to be cheaper at first glance. Presuming the person would want to keep removing unwanted hair for years to come, the cost of the cheaper short term solutions will add up. A few sessions of laser hair removal becomes the cheaper alternative. It will also save the user a lot of time.