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KAMManufaktur announces 912c production specification

Budapest: 16th May 2023 
Budapest-based KAMManufaktur has developed the 912c over many years, engineering in performance whilst also retaining and enhancing usability in every element. The company launched the 912c prototype in September 2022 to positive reviews and comments from all around the world.

In prototype form the 912c had a specification biased towards the track, which created an exciting, yet demanding drive. The production specification 912c launched today, has been further revised to be equally at home on street and track whilst remaining true to the KAMM ethos of Dare to Drive, with exhilarating performance, analogue feel, and a unique ability to truly excel at daily driving and track use.

The road legal, production specification KAMM 912c weighs just 750kg wet. Its 2.0 JPS Aircooled engine produces 190hp, 228 nm of torque and has the highest bhp per litre of any air-cooled street engine, offering 95hp per litre, compared to 82bhp per litre from the Porsche 2.2S and 78bhp per litre from the 2.7 RS.

The key upgrades for production specification are as follows:

KAMM creates lightweight cars designed to be driven, the driver presented with all they require for the sport of driving and no more. Improving on perfection, without compromise, KAMM builds on the existing greatness of the classic 912 to create the stunning 912c offered with an enviable standard specification.






KAMM engineers beautifully restore every classic donor car to perfection, creating the perfect base template on which to build the KAMM 912c. Steel is replaced with KAMM produced carbon fibre, seamlessly blended without trace to ensure a flawless finish and perfect fit. Numerous bespoke parts are designed and built at KAMM HQ to create the 912c, with every component improving the car, whilst retaining its classic feel.

The 912c looks and feels period correct with modern touches adding unseen improvements and enhancements. It appears to be an all-original classic, which stands up to close scrutiny, improving the iconic 912 without losing its style, ethos, or character. The result is a dynamically exciting, classic racer which delights the senses whilst offering a level of usability not found in traditional classic racing cars.

Swiss motorsport experts JPS Aircooled assist with the creation of a bespoke, high-performance 4-cylinder engine providing ultimate reliability combined with exemplary performance.

KAMM engineers heavily enhance the chassis, brakes, suspension, wheels, and tyres and replace all original elements with brand new, factory parts including lights, fixings, and rubbers.

Every 912c is built to order. After a detailed consultation with KAMM founder Miklós Kázmér, to fully understand a buyers individual needs, the 912c is created to perform and look exactly as the owner wants it to. Unlimited paint options and individual interior redesigns complete the transformation before a thorough road and track evaluation to ensure every 912c is worthy of the KAMM name.

Official production of the KAMM 912c started in January of this year when the creation of the first customer car, destined for the United States, commenced along with a number of other builds destined for delivery around the world.

KAMManufaktur Founder Miklós Kázmér said, “I am delighted to present the production specification KAMM 912c to the world. To receive such high praise for our prototype was a proud moment for us, and we feel confident the production specification will be equally well received. The 912c is designed to be as usable as a modern car but retains the driving experience of a classic racing car. We provide reliability and performance with the analogue feel you would expect from a sports car of the sixties, and this makes it unique in the restomod sector.”

As a result of the enhanced specification, the 2023 KAMM 912c is now priced at €360,000 which includes a donor 912. Customers can also choose to use their own 912 for conversion, which is then priced at €320,000. Only two build slots remain for 2023.

The production specification KAMM 912c will be in the UK for media evaluation throughout Summer 2023. Interested media should contact us to discuss drive opportunities and reviews.  

More photographs available on request

Additional information on KAMM and the KAMM 912c can be found here

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