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The Key Steps to Hosting a Corporate Event


Sep 13, 2016

Are you are a new startup? Or are you already an established business? Either way, knowing how to host a corporate event is a huge skill in the business world.  Hosting a corporate event is not only beneficial to the key players in your business, but it is also a fantastic way to engage an audience you may otherwise never encounter.

A successful corporate event can undoubtedly help grow a business through increased exposure,  as you are now able to reach a wider audience and generate new avenues of interest. Therefore, it’s key to understand the steps and benefits of hosting a professional event in a successful manner.

What is the idea?

Firstly, figure what your event is going to be based on and why you think this is important to your customers. People will come to your event in the hope of learning new techniques and insights on the topic you decide on.

You need to sell your business and tell them why it stands out from the rest. Put across your business ethos and what you are trying to achieve. It’s not only important to tell them about your event, but to also make it entertaining. It is also equally important for your guests to understand that it is not a sales pitch. Try and think of it more of an opportunity to build long term relationships with potential clients.

The Time and Day

Determining what time of day can largely affect the success of your event. One strategy is to have your event on a slow business day to bring in added revenue during a stinted sales period. Try and avoid planning it during your busier times, you will not be able to provide the best possible customer service to both your customers and attendees at a busy period. Also consider your target audience and their schedule. For example, Will they have children? Weekday mornings will probably be the best option for them.

To-Do List

Create a list of everything you need to do and ensure you stick to it thoroughly throughout the planning of the event. This will help you to create a well organised and well structured event.

Accommodate Your Guests

Is it important to highlight your business to high, professional standards. How you present your event is ultimately how your audience will perceive you, so be attentive in your customer service.

Providing appropriate refreshments is important for the guests at your events, as is providing the necessary facilities. For instance, having plenty of guests and not enough seating means they could  be standing, which can in turn lead to a negative experience. Ensuring that your seating is in check can be key to the success of your events. Stacking chairs are one of the most effective ways of ensuring your event runs smoothly, as they are easy to set up and can be removed efficiently and quickly.


Where you decide to host your event will have more of an impact then you realise. As your guests  will be researching the location before they arrive, this will ultimately give them a first impression of you and your event.

Once you have found this perfect location, you will need to discuss the room rental with the appropriate authorities. Decorating the room will show your guests that you have put in the effort and have a sharp eye for detail. If you want to cut the extra costs, it is important to take advantage of everything that comes included with the room.

Gather contact information

One of the keys to gaining increased business after a large event is to gather the contact information. From this, you can keep in touch and contact the audience members afterwards. However, you need make sure you keep on the right side of them, as there is a fine line between communicating and spamming.

By Emily