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Kheerganga Trek: A Blissful Journey to the Natural Hot Springs


Jul 27, 2023 #Tour, #travel, #trek


Himachal Pradesh is known for its heaven like beauty since time immemorial. Imparting to the beauty of the Mountain State of India is Kasol. A small quaint village, Kasol comes under the Kullu district of Himachal. Kasol houses in it the resplendent Parvati Valley, which is a popular attraction for almost every backpacker and budget traveller. Settled in the gorgeous Parvati Valley, lies Kheerganga Trek at an altitude of 2960 m from sea level. Surrounded by towering Himalayan mountains, the view from the meadow named Kheerganga is truly a sight to behold. Parvati Valley truly has it all, from enchanting pine forests to gushing waterfalls to blooming, vibrant rhododendrons. The most unique thing that the valley carries is the natural hot water spring! People, ranging from pilgrims to nature and adventure lovers throng this valley in huge numbers every year.

Unveiling the Mystical Parvati Kund: A Healing Hot Water Spring on the Kheerganga Trek

The hot water spring which has been reverently named the Paravti Kund, is mystical in nature! It is said to have sacred healing properties which help people ailing from physical illnesses like arthritis and more. This hot spring can be reached only after a trek to Kheerganga as it lies very close to the trek destination. Both Hindus and Sikhs come to this hot water spring year after year. The hot water spring is truly an experience, but the trek to the spring itself is no less of an experience! Trails that’ll bring to you dense pine forests, gushing waterfalls, the roar of rivers, and even temples to tap into your spiritual side, the trek has it all. You’ll get all of this in a 12 km trek that will take about 5 hours to complete. Isn’t that amazing?

Discover the Enchanting Stopping Points on the Kheerganga Trek: 

The trek has amazing stopping points. The first one is the Rudra Nag waterfall which is a waterfall that’s shaped like a serpent. How cool is that! You can stop here and let yourself be lost in its grandiose. The next point is the Rudra Nag temple – an ancient Shiva temple that is highly revered by the locals. You can stop here and soak in the spirituality and positive energy of the place. Last and the most awaited point is, yes, Pavitra Kund, the famous hot water spring. It is the highlight of the trek and you’ll be really missing out if you do not take a dip in the hot spring! A dip here is sure to wash away all your tiredness from the 5 hour trek and leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated for the climb ahead. Also, if it is cold the dip here will warm you and make you comfortable.

Embark on a Tranquil Journey: The Kheerganga Trek for Beginners

Owing to its short distance and duration, this trek is a brilliant choice for beginners. The Kheerganga trek begins with the arrival at Barshaini, a small village which is the base camp for the trek. The starting point is at the dam over the Parvati river in Barshaini. Barshaini can be reached by a bus or a taxi from Kasol. To have an experience of a lifetime, it is suggested that you camp at Kheerganga for the night, and have a chance to view a clear, brilliant starlit sky, and the majestic snow-capped mountains across the Parvati Valley. The silence that comes with being at a height of 2960 m and under a sparkling sky, will truly make you feel separated from the world below and fill you with a sense of calm of the most beautiful kind. Scrumptious dinners will be available at the camp, and will energize you after a strenuous trek. The next morning, after a filling breakfast, you can start your descent towards Barshaini. On your descent, you can also visit the villages of Kalga and Pulga and interact with the locals. 

Unveil Nature’s Splendor: Explore the Enchanting Kheerganga Trek

The most ideal time to visit would be from March to June and September to October, as winter and monsoon make the trek to be a perilous one, owing to slippery and muddy terrain. With its beautiful and luscious green trails, and gushing, roaring waterfalls, and mystical hot water springs, the Kheerganga trek will leave you reminiscing about it till the end, and so we suggest every person that’s looking for some excitement and adventure to go on this trek. There is only so much that we can and try and convince you with, to go on this trek, but you will realise that every word we said is true only when you stand at Kheerganga, breath taken by the splendour around.