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Launch of BrainySpinach Math – a new way for children to learn math through gaming


Jun 6, 2022

BrainySpinach Math – a new series of online games that help children learn and engage with math skills while gaming.

Created by math tutor and game developer, Jon Goga, BrainySpinach Math is on a mission to help inspire children everywhere to catch up with their learning today, so they succeed tomorrow.

“I’ve often heard parents bemoan a lack of great math resources or games, but also the frustration with too much unproductive screen time on the likes of Roblox. So, I thought why not solve both issues at once – and created the Roblox Math Camp. A course, whether basic or advanced, has your child learning their math while playing tutor created Roblox Math games, with live tutor support.” explains founder Jon Goga.

BrainySpinach Math has combined a passion for both math and gaming over on Roblox and created a variety of Roblox math games including The Math Obby – a game that allows your child to run through their Times Tables in a way that keeps them practising them long after they’d normally get bored.

Whether you are schooling your child at home full time, or simply want to make their gaming time more productive, or feel they could do with a little extra math tuition, the BrainySpinach Math Roblox Camps will help with fun, engaging games that help your child learn by capturing their attention and motivating them to do better at each stage.

BrainySpinach Math offers a safe and productive way for students to learn and interact with other home-schoolers while having fun; it incentivises practicing Math problems by using video games your children love; it provides home educators with an exciting new way to evaluate their child’s Math skills; it promotes neuroplasticity and creates outlets for and combines different learning styles (full details at: https://brainyspinach.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/04/BrainySpinach-Math-Play-Roblox-Learn-Math-Have-A-Blast-compressed.pdf )

The math games, from beginner to advanced, are available on Roblox with additional tutor support also offered. Parents and children can dip in-and-out or sign up for a five-week camp. The outcomes for each lesson are clearly described, as is the age-range suitability. There is also a Roblox Safety Camp where children can learn about ways to protect themselves while enjoying Roblox games such as Adopt Me, Jailbreak and more.

Each game is designed to fit with national curriculum goals, has inbuilt safety protocols and has full ‘real human’ support.

For more information see: https://brainyspinach.com/


Jon Goga is a math tutor and founder of BrainySpinach Math, on a mission to help inspire children everywhere to catch up with their learning today so they succeed tomorrow. BrainySpinach Math creates fun and exciting online games on the Roblox platform for children to play that teach them essential math skills, all while inspiring them to learn by playing games they love – and allowing parents to ensure their child’s screentime is always productive. BrainySpinach Math is also the creator of the Roblox Math Camp – a course that has children learning math while playing said tutor-created Roblox Math games. https://brainyspinach.com/

Web: https://brainyspinach.com/

Roblox Group: https://www.roblox.com/groups/12756085/BrainySpinach-Math#!/about

Tutorful (UK only): https://tutorful.co.uk/classes?q=roblox

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/brainyspinachmath

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/BrainySpinachMath/featured

Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/brainyspinach

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