When you imagine someone using weed, you visualize a person smoking it like a cigarette. However, it doesn’t have to happen this way. There are many methods of consuming cannabis. Whether you try it for medical or purely recreational needs, you must know about them and why some options tend to be better than others. So, let’s dive into this quickly.

  1. Smoking pot

You make a joint with rolling paper and smoke it. Pipes and bongs are other devices, which also allow smoking. However, these contain filters. You can smoke it in a blunt or cigar also. It is just that you can empty the tobacco content or combine it with marijuana. Some believe that marijuana users tend to be creative people. So, when they don’t have rolling papers, they use cans or soda bottles as pipes. While this method can be fun, it doesn’t come without any risks. Smoking can expose your health to cancer.

  1. Vaping

Vaporization is arguably the new method. In this process, the device heats the marijuana but not to the extent of combustion. When it heats up, you can inhale the vapour. So, it becomes a safer experience than smoking. The harmful smoke doesn’t enter your body. Still, everyone has a reason for vaping. Some choose it for a better high, while some prefer it for ease of carrying. Then, some people vape marijuana to avoid the smell.

  1. Dabbing

You can find similarities between vaping and dabbing. However, this method’s main difference is the use of THC resins, which can be available in the form of honey oil, wax or budder, shatter, etc. If you want to get a solid high, you can rely on this for sure. Online stores like Skunk’s Oasis dispensary sell dab tools and more. You can explore those sites to find your option.

  1. Oral intake

Nowadays, you get marijuana edibles to swallow to enjoy the benefits of cannabis. Earlier, you ate home-baked cookies. Today, you can look for cooked goodies containing these strains. You can eat those products or also buy them in capsule form. If you want to have it in the form of food, you can search for mushrooms, cookies, gummies, candies, chocolates, and more.

  1. Tinctures

You get these in liquid form. You can squeeze a few drops from the bottle under your tongue, and it will immediately vanish into your bloodstream.  Due to its high concentration level, you can find it to be more potent and faster. Tinctures are pretty popular in the medical domain. However, its ability to give an intense high makes it popular with recreational users also.

Like these, you can expect to find marijuana in different forms and use the same thing in different ways. As mentioned, vaping and eating can be safer than smoking. However, if you are an experienced and responsible person, you will be well aware of what suits you the most. Just make sure you don’t become dependent on the substance. If you are careful, you can enjoy the health benefits of marijuana.