Living alone can be an exciting journey for some people, while it’s just a plain struggle for others. But whether your mind is clouded by excitement or fear, learning to live alone in a responsible manner can be an empowering experience. Living on your own does not necessarily mean you are 100% alone – that’s not how it works. Your family and friends are still a call away.

Nevertheless, living alone come with tons of perks. You get to live by your own rules, enjoy privacy and personal space, decorate as you like, and adjust your living costs anytime you want. To help you live alone more mindfully, here are some lifestyle habits and changes that you can adopt.

  1. Use a budget

In one recent budgeting survey, almost 29% of the surveyed individuals budget because they are single and financially independent. Around 42% have also started budgeting because they want to increase their savings and wealth. In the 2020 survey, the number of people who use a budget increase from 79%, which is higher than 2019’s 68%.

Budgeting is designed to help you get through the day and set you up for success. It can help you save more money and reach your goals. You can tryzero-based budgeting, wherein you need to give every dollar a job. It works like this – income minus expenses equals zero. Let’s say you earn $4,000 a month. Your expenses, savings, or investments should add up to a total of $4,000.

  1. Live below your means

If you want to speed up your financial independence, you can opt to live below your means. According to an article from, financial obligation is one of the top causes of stress. Meaning, if you constantly worry about finding fund for all your expenses, you’ll likely feel tensed or stressed out. Yet, by living below your means, you can reach financial security and eliminate your uncertainty about money. Financial security means you have the capacity to pay your bills on time, save more money, and still have some extra for your free-to-spend fund.

In another survey, the average households in the U.S. with credit card debt pay interest charges of about %$1,155 for a year. 45% of the surveyed household even said they’d added more debt since the pandemic began. Living below your means will enable you to pay down your debt much faster and avoid accumulating higher interest fees. Financial gurus recommend paying down your smallest debts first.

  1. Cultivate self-reliance

Becoming handy around the house will help you save money and from a lot of stress. If you can build simple furniture such as your bedside cabinet or bookshelf or fix stuff that breaks, you can have more money in your pocket for other important expenses such as groceries. You can learn from online guides and video tutorials on basic home plumbing repairs, home security installation, wall repairs, and more.

However, some house tasks require professional services, such as maintaining heating or furnacesystems, ventilation, and more. Yet, if it’s just a leaky sink or clogged gutters, give it a try first and practice self-reliance.

  1. Practice digital detox

While using your devices and social media are great tools for acquiring information, they can also be sources of overwhelming negative news that can spark l panic. Instead of scrolling hours on Instagram or Facebook, read a book or listen to a podcast with topics that interest you. Shutting off from technology can give you time to improve your focus, sleep, and mental health.

In fact, some studies indicate that those who use social media for a limited time tend to be happier. Other researches also suggest that social media can worsen depression symptoms or trigger other negative emotions. Create healthier daily routines and have more time to do activities that are good for your well-being. You have time to prepare and cook nutritious meals every day, perform your house chores, and schedule face-to-face meetups with friends and loved ones.

The process of living alone means you have to be accountable for various aspects of your life – from the bills, finances, and food. It can be challenging at times but can also be fulfilling in most ways. However, if you’re willing and committed to learning all the responsibilities that come with such freedom, you can surely create a better, healthier environment for yourself. If these things sound achievable for you, solo living might be an amazing lifestyle choice!