Adding highlights to the light brown hair is the trending style for ladies with a brunette mane. The two colors add a gorgeous shadow that does not go unnoticed. The good news about it is it is not picky with hair texture and length, and it matches most face shapes and complexions.

Adding other hair features like curls, layers, and waves brings more life to the style. However, choose an experienced stylist to ensure the highlights are painted in the right places. This guide will help if you have light brown hair and want to play around with colors. Check out some options you have.

  1. Curly Hair With Highlights

Red and brown highlight on curly hair is an excellent way to begin the year. Ask your stylist to cut and style the hair into a messy curly bob and add ash brown, blonde and red highlights. It sits nicely on all face shapes and gives a suitable dimension.

  1. Light Brown Highlights

If you fancy the light brown hair highlights, you can also opt for a full head styling. It makes the hair and entire head look softer and more subtle. Besides, these highlights add dimension and tone down the lighter hair. The light brown highlights on a full head look perfect on blonde-haired women.

  1. Light Auburn Highlights On Shoulder-Length Hair

The light auburn highlights are attention-seeking. Ask your stylist to leave the roots black and add the auburn highlights on the outer strands. According to LoveHairStyles, this hair color is easier to maintain, and you can have it all year round.

  1. Chunky Blonde Highlights

Try the chunky blonde highlights if you are looking for a hairstyle contrasting your current hair hue. They match well with light brown hair. Make the style more stylish by adding waves to your long hair.

  1. Blonde Highlights On Dark Roots

Having blonde highlights and leaving the roots darker is a hairstyle you should try before mid-year. This hair is low-maintenance and provides a seamless transition. The blonde edges add dimension to the hair and make it more noticeable, and you can leave the hair straight or a little wavy.

  1. Face Framing Highlights On Honey-Brown Hair

If you are looking for a style that will brighten your eyes, this is it. The highlights on honey-brown hair add dimension and are low maintenance. Ensure your stylist applies the best products to protect your hair from damage. Also, purple shampoo is essential during your salon visits to keep the hair clean and healthy.

  1. Subtle Beige Highlights

Most dyes are high maintenance because they require you to visit the salon more times, but the beige highlights are low maintenance. Besides, this hair color is not picky with skin tone. You can add waves to achieve a beachy vibe.

  1. Bronze Highlights

Bronze highlights on light brown hair add a lot of richness to the hair. It is also suitable for improving overall appearance while keeping your dimension. However, this hair requires maintenance. Use the right color-safe shampoos to maintain health. Do not use purple shampoo.

  1. Caramel Blonde Highlights

Caramel blonde highlights match well with blonde hair. This style looks good on women with a warmer skin tone, but it is not picky with hair type, length, and face shape. The caramel tones make the hair look healthy, giving the wearer an expensive glow.

  1. Walnut Brown Highlights

Go for level 2-4 base when styling the brown walnut highlights. However, people with darker hair look good in levels 5-6. Tone the hair with a light brown beige to add beauty. The advantage of having walnut highlights is its low maintenance. However, buy good shampoos and conditioners to keep the hair healthy.

  1. Ash-Blonde Highlights On Medium Length

If you are looking for a shimmer and brighter medium-length hair, add ash-blonde highlights. The color contrasts nicely with your natural mocha chocolate hair. The highlights look better on sleek and straight hair.

  1. Auburn Highlights On Light Red Hair

Women with red hair also look good with the auburn highlights. Add thick curls to your gorgeous medium-length hair to make it look more vibrant and beautiful. The stylist can also add pieces of copper tones. Women with warmer skin tones are more advantaged with the auburn highlights.