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Live Dealer Roulette vs RNG Roulette: The Difference

ByDave Stopher

Dec 21, 2021

Roulette is one of the coolest casino games to ever exist on planet earth. Most of the British residents, as well as the rest of the world, will agree with us. There was a time when people flocked in groups to land-based casinos to play this game.

When online casinos came into circulation during the mid-1990s, a huge portion of the players shifted to online roulette, the RNG version we mean. RNG means Random Number Generator, an algorithm that randomly selects the outcome of any game.

In fact, RNG has been the backbone of the online casino industry since its inception. Classic slots, video slots, table games such as blackjack, baccarat, roulette, poker, etc. were all adapted to the RNG format to recreate the thrill of playing at a casino at home.

However, a certain demographic was still not quite happy about how the online games felt. The slots are okay but the table games just didn’t feel right, playing against a computer we mean.

It all changed when live casinos came around. It’s pretty much the real casino experience with human dealers and fellow players on the same table. The UK, being one of the hotspots in the iGaming industry, it didn’t take time for live casino games to get traction.

Among many other popular titles, live Roulette remains one of the most played online casino games in the UK. But do you know how live roulette differs from traditional online roulette?

Let’s see if we can spot the difference.

How Live Casino Roulette Works

If you’ve played RNG roulette before, you may have seen an animated screen where all the numbers are laid out. Different information fields such as your casino account balance, total stake, chip values, etc. are displayed on various locations all over the screen.

In a live casino roulette game, you will find all of these in some form. The biggest distinction between the two is actually the presence of a live dealer and a real roulette wheel.

Many of you may think that the dealer will place chips on a real roulette table. But that’s seldom the case. The dealer only spins the wheel, the ball, and lets you know the result. You control the table and the bets you place.

You can start to place the bets only when the dealer gives you the cue. The table on the screen will unlock for you to place bets as you want. Once the dealer waves his hands to close the bets, the table will lock up again. Just like the real thing, isn’t it?

In the naked eye, it might look like a very simple video stream. However, the technology that goes behind making live games technology is cutting-edge. It’s not just any screen you’re seeing. It’s an interactive screen. You directly interact with the game while there is a live human present.

The introduction of live casino games has been a game-changer for people who like to play casino games. The void that RNG games couldn’t fill was successfully taken care of by these games.

Are the Payouts Different on Live and RNG Roulette?

No, they aren’t. If they were, the immersion would break. The payouts you’re familiar with in American, European, and French roulette will work in the same way at live casinos. However, there might be certain rules placed by the house (the casino). These exclusive rules usually don’t change the payout in any way.

Final Words

In a world full of entertainment sources, some people still find joy in the niche world of casinos. The gambling industry is changing to cope with the evolving lifestyle. Live casino games reflect what the future is going to be for casino enthusiasts.