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How To Make A Gift Hamper For Any Occasion


Jun 18, 2017

As we get older, gifts get increasingly harder to buy that still have meaning behind them. It is too easy to run into your local supermarket on your way home from work and buy the same aftershave or bottle of alcohol you bought them the year before. Making something personal is easier than you think and can mean a lot more to someone – the reward of seeing them open something personal brings back the magic of giving a gift. This birthday, give them something they really want.  

A Relaxing Hamper

This one is especially good for the ladies, but doesn’t mean men can’t enjoy it too! It could be good as an anniversary or Mother’s Day gift to show that special lady just how much you care and that they deserve a well-earned break! If you know the kind of bath products or candles they like, then it can be more personalised – have a snoop at the products they have by the bathtub. During celebrations, such as Mother’s Day, you can often get personalized bath bombs, candles etc., at local stores such as Lush.

A Hobby Themed Hamper

If you want to show someone you really care and they have a hobby they are really passionate about, this could be the gift of their dreams. One theme could be gardening – if you have an avid gardener on your hands, you could put in things such as some pretty gardening gloves and seeds for different flowers or foods. Another theme that could work well is for anybody into crafts. Anything from painting to drawing or even sewing – there are many things that artists need to keep buying to create their work that would be greatly appreciated.

A Food and Drink Hamper

Everybody loves food, so this hamper is always a winner. There are many places online you can purchase food and drink hampers that are already made, or even better, you can create your own! Nothing says Happy Birthday like a mixture of a person’s favourite foods and drinks. Drinks can range from alcohol to tea and coffee, the possibilities are really up to the recipient’s preferences so start watching what they’re ordering at the bar. Food hamper choices are far more diverse, but some typical favourites are chocolate or cheese hampers. Cheese can be tricky as ready-made hampers often contain weak to strong cheeses that aren’t always to everyone’s tastes, therefore, its best to build your own based on preference. There are many places to find & buy British cheese hampers such as British Fine Foods, so it shouldn’t be difficult to find a lovely selection for your gift hamper – and don’t forget the wine!

This is not an exhaustive list. Remember, this gift is meant to be personal, so a gift hamper can contain anything that the recipient enjoys. Therefore, make it unique to them. They’ll appreciate the extra effort and you’ll feel so much happier giving them a present that they won’t expect.

By Emily