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Make your home sparkle with these powerful Vacuum robots from Roborock

ByDave Stopher

Mar 14, 2024

Roborock S8 and S7 Max Ultra are two popular vacuum robots. With advanced 3D Structured Light Navigation and Reactive Obstacle Avoidance technology, they can clean every part of the house with the best route and easily recognize and avoid multiple obstacles; the powerful vibration mopping system can help you quickly wipe up stubborn stains and footprints on the floor to make it shine; and the All-in-One Base Station can collect dust and clean the mopping cloths automatically, so you don’t have to do anything to solve the annoying frequent cleaning of the dust box, You can solve the annoying problems of frequent cleaning of dust box, hand washing of dirty mop, cleaning of base station dirt, etc. without doing anything.

With them, you no longer have to worry about hairs tangling the brush and dirty mopping cloths contaminating the floor, so you can have a clean and tidy floor without spending a lot of time and energy.

Roborock S8: Best of CES 2023

Roborock S8 vacuum robot has been recognized by “Rolling Stone” and “How to Geek” as a CES 2023 Best Product. It has an exceptional 6,000 Pa suction power that easily picks up dust from deep in carpets and floor crevices, and with smart innovations such as the DuoRoller Brush, it doubles its cleaning power to leave floors smooth and spotless without having to do anything.

The powerful mopping system easily scrubs away stubborn stains. Equipped with the upgraded VibraRise 2.0 mopping system, the S8 scrubs floors at high speeds with a constant pressure of 6N at 3,000 beats/minute, which easily removes stubborn stains and leaves your floors sparkling clean. The wet mopping cloth also automatically lifts up 5mm when it meets the carpet, effectively avoiding wetting the carpet and saving the hassle of manually removing the wet mopping cloth.

Intelligent Navigation and Obstacle Avoidance helps the sweeper to clean comprehensively. With 3D structured light and infrared navigation technology and reactive 3D obstacle avoidance system, Roborock S8 is able to clean with the best route and avoid obstacles accurately, which brings you a hassle-free cleaning experience, whether it’s a bright room or a dark room.

You can customize your cleaning schedule through the app, setting up no-go or designated areas to clean or timed cleaning, the Roborock S8 does it all with ease. When cleaning is complete or the battery is low, the sweeper will automatically return to the base station to recharge, with guaranteed battery life.

Roborock S7 Max Ultra: The vacuum robot with the most perfect way to clean

Roborock S7 Max Ultra cleans floors as well as its own dirt in the perfect way.

When cleaning floors, the 5,500Pa suction + VibraRise vibration mopping works perfectly together with front suction and back mopping with a floating main brush to easily and effectively remove floor dust, stubborn stains, and reduce hair entanglement, even on uneven floors. The S7 Max Ultra monitors the carpet through ultrasonic waves and lifts the wet mop 5mm in time to increase the suction power, avoiding wetting the carpet, and also ensuring effective vacuuming for a cleaner carpet. On the way back to the base station, the mop lifts up to avoid the trouble of secondary contamination of dirty mop, making your room cleaner and brighter.

The S7 Max Ultra All-in-One Base Station cleans mopping cloths, empties the dust box, and automatically cleans the base station and dries the mopping cloths, so you can save your energy and effort.

Innovative dual-scraper bar design improves scraping and washing effect by 50%. Relying on left and right movement to scrape the mop, and through the built-in automatic cleaning brush every minute to fit the surface of the mop in high-speed rotation, it can perfectly clean the dirt on the mop, and finally 45℃ hot air drying of wet mop to avoid the wet mop from smelling and harboring bacteria. The double scraping bar can also perfectly scrape the sewage and some solid dirt into the sink from left to right, and finally suck in the dirty water tank to realize the self-cleaning of the base station. The automatic dust collection function helps you to empty the dust box, avoiding the trouble of frequent cleaning of the dust box and dust flying twice.

With LiDAR navigation and reactive technology to avoid obstacles, the S7 Max Ultra is able to clean and avoid obstacles with the optimal route to fully and thoroughly clean every corner of the room.

You can set off-peak charging via the app to save on electricity costs, as well as customize your cleaning schedule to suit your personal needs and enhance your cleaning experience by setting up no-go zones, multi-level mapping, 3D mapping and more.

These two powerful vacuum robots from Roborock can effectively help you clean your room efficiently and thoroughly, leaving your floors sparkling without much manual intervention.

If you’re looking for a vacuum cleaner robot to clean your room, these models are great options and are available on Amazon and eBay.