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Making Your Golf Cart Street Legal: The Simple Guide


Feb 9, 2020 #Sports

Golf carts are really useful utility vehicles that can transport you around conveniently at many locations. These vehicles are limited a bit when they can’t legally go onto roads. If you have a golf cart that you want to legally drive on roads, just know that all is not lost. In many parts of the country, you can modify your golf cart to make it street legal so that you can go where you need to on your cart. Below we’ll dig into the specifics of what makes a golf cart street legal and quickly go over the different changes and upgrades you should make to get your golf cart legally on the road.

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Verify the Local Laws Carefully

Before you start buying the accessories that you need to make your golf cart street legal in your area, look into the local laws to find out if it’s even legal at all to drive golf carts on the roadways. There might be specific sections of your community where golf carts are permitted, or you may not be able to operate golf carts on the roads no matter what changes you make. You need to know what the local laws are so you can avoid getting in trouble for driving around your golf cart. If there isn’t anything specific posted about these rules you can call up your local police department and ask them specifically to explain the laws regarding golf carts to you.

Add the Proper Lights

One of the first steps that you should take to make your cart legal for on-street driving is to invest in the right set of lights. There are light kits designed specifically to make golf carts legal for street driving. These kits come loaded with headlights, turn signal lights, brake lights and tail lights. They also give your cart a horn that you can use to signal to the other vehicles around you as you drive around. These light kits are more expensive than basic golf cart kits, but they’re important if you want to get a cart that you can legally drive around.

Add the Proper Mirrors

Once your cart is equipped with the right set of lights, you’re ready to move on to mirrors. In order to legally drive around on the road, you need to have a rearview mirror as well as side mirrors on both sides of your cart. Without all three of these accessories, you won’t have an effective way to look behind you while driving. There are kits that add each of these mirrors that you can add to most cart types, just make sure you find a product that’s going to fit your ride properly.

Get a Slow Moving Vehicle Sign

Some locations require golf carts to have a special slow-moving vehicle sign installed on them. We always recommend that everyone that wants to drive a golf cart has one of these signs installed to protect themselves. Just add one of these signs and make sure you’re covering your bases legally. Even if you don’t need the sign where you live you’ll be protected if you travel with your cart.

Invest in Seatbelts for All

Everyone riding around in your golf cart needs to have access to a seatbelt that they can buckle up while traveling. Make sure there are seatbelts at the front and back of your cart so that everyone is properly protected while driving around. This is very important if you plan on traveling on roads with cars because there is the potential for you to be crashed into.

Get a Protective Windshield

Not only is it required in most locations for on-street driving, but you’re going to want a shatter-resistant windshield for your cart if you plan on taking it on any roads with cars. There will be rocks, dirt and debris kicked up off the road. It’s important that you’re protected against these projectiles as you drive around. Getting a good sturdy windshield will also help you see more easily as you drive at higher speeds which is another benefit of purchasing this simple modification.

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Grab a Speedometer if You Don’t Have One

While out on the road you really should have a speedometer to make sure you’re going the right speed at all times. It’s true that you could use a simple GPS product to give you your speed, but having an actual speedometer on your golf cart is going to be more convenient overall, and it will make sure you always know how fast you’re going.

Making your golf cart legal takes time. For more information on the specifics of this process read through this guide to help you figure out which parts you should be purchasing and exactly which modifications to make. You can also check out authorized dealerships selling golf carts south of Charlotte.

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