Max Polyakov’s Animal Foundation Saves Lives

Only the strongest ones can survive in this cruel world nowadays. And animals are in real danger today. People don’t even understand how abandoned cats and dogs suffer every day without somebody’s protection. The problem is that the number of homeless animals increases every day due to the fact that many irresponsive owners leave them in a street. It’s a pity that a loving pet may be betrayed by its master easily. That’s why we have to unite and protect those poor little things together. Max Polyakov is a person who already fights the problem of strays. One day he thought that each animal has to be treated in the same way as his cat is. So, all those poor strays have to say “Thank you” to Max Polyakov’s Murka.

Who is Max Polyakov?

Max Polyakov is a developer from Atlanta, the USA. He has relatives in Russia, so, it’s clear why one day he decided to visit this country. It wasn’t an easy trip for him because life in Russia totally differs from life in the USA. He saw that people still feel stressed after the Soviet Union collapse, and the political situation is unstable. But an unexpected meeting changed this negative impression. Max found a cat, who seemed to be so friendly and cute. So, he decided to take Murka to Atlanta.

Max’s life after return didn’t seem to be cloudless at all. He had a long path before he became a developer and founder of the animal helping center. He was almost broke and couldn’t find himself in this world. But Max Polyakov’s Murka was always there by his side. It helped Max to understand that he really loves animals. His heart was broken every time he saw an abandoned puppy or kitten in a street. So, he started feeding and treating poor dogs and cats. And it was the beginning of the new era of his life.

The Animal Foundation Mission

Max Polyakov started communicating with grocers and butchers who could provide him with food for animals. A little bit later he found finances for development of the Animal Foundation idea. Many volunteers joined his team to save pets and find new loving owners for them. They provide animals with food, vitamins, medicines and make their lives comfortable. Nowadays the organization is well known not only in Atlanta but all over the country.