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The royal family are a constant source of inspiration when it comes to fashion, etiquette and hairstyles. Brits are always keen to hear about the royals’ hair and beauty tips to try and recreate some of the famous styles and beauty regimes at home.

With this in mind, LongevitaHairTransplant.com took to YouTube to find out which royal’s hair-dos we seek to recreate the most. They searched for tutorials for each royal family member’s hairstyles, and tallied up the number of videos and total views to see which styles we favour most.

The royal hair we take most inspiration from:
Royal Family Member  Number of tutorials on YouTube  Total views for all tutorials on YouTube 
#1 Princess Diana 11 4,901,624
#2 Kate Middleton 30 3,568,689
#3 Meghan Markle 17 1,556,764
#4 Queen Elizabeth II 2 18,488
#5 Princess Eugenie 1 11,342
  1. Princess Diana
LongevitaHairTransplant.com can reveal that the royal family member whose hair we’re most inspired by is Princess Diana. Her signature short, perfectly styled locks racked up nearly 5 million views on YouTube, and featured in 11 different tutorial videos.
  1. Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton is also giving us major hair envy. There are 30 separate tutorial videos to help recreate her flawless hair at home, which have racked up a total of over 3.5 million views between them. As Kate and Wills are creating their own YouTube channel, fans may have their fingers crossed for some hair tutorials from Kate.
Money.co.uk recently conducted a survey on the videos fans are most excited to see on the couple’s YouTube channel. The top three contenders were: a day in the life; palace tours; and family vlogging. Salman Haqqi, personal finance expert from Money.co.uk commented:
“It’s really great to see the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge venturing into new social mediums to not only help elevate their campaigns and projects, but for fans to get a closer insight into their lives as their popularity appeal grows. YouTube is vast becoming one of the most effective social platforms worldwide as it connects, communicates, and reaches out to young people.”
  1. Meghan Markle
Behind Kate, but still with 1.5 million total views, is the luscious hair of Meghan Markle. There are currently 17 hair tutorials on YouTube, ranging from Meghan’s wedding ‘do to her everyday styles. The most popular tutorials recreate her classic low-sitting messy bun.
  1. Queen Elizabeth II
The fourth most recreated royal hair is that of Queen Elizabeth herself. She racked up nearly 18,500 views over just two tutorial videos. The video with the highest views aims to recreate her look from the 1950s, whilst the other is a more up-to-date look.
  1. Princess Eugenie
Rounding up the top five royals’ hair we’re most jealous of is Princess Eugenie. Despite only featuring in one YouTube tutorial, the video recreating her royal wedding look has been viewed 11,300 times so far!