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Men’s Fashion Guide – Preparing for London Fashion Week

With London Fashion Week not a million miles away now, many men will be preparing their wardrobes accordingly. However, with the pace of which fashion changes, you don’t want to turn up this year looking like someone from 2018. In a bid to help you avoid that, we’ve got some good and effective ideas for you to make sure you can swan up on the big day and still look utterly fantastic.

So, what matters if you want to impress the denizens of the UK capital when you turn up for London Fashion Week?

Bring your own style

Part of the effect of London Fashion Week is that individuality is going to go through the roof. A lot of people try to follow trends or stick with what they see influencers wearing; avoid that. Go with your own flow. The aim is to stand out and to show the world that you know how to dress properly based on your personality.

Don’t just go with what is getting likes on Instagram; go with what you feel speaks truly about yourself.

Start from the bottom up

Part of the problem with many dress styles is that it can be hard to find quality shoes. So, for example, you should look to find a nice pair of boots and then build the outfit around that. It’s often easier to find clothes that are compatible with your shoes than it is vice versa.

So, make sure that you check out the likes of Uppersole, who offer a range of men’s navy suede boots. That could be a real winner when you want to find a look that is stylish without being too excessive.

Wear it with confidence

For many men, the biggest problem you could have is turning up with a lack of confidence. Instead of turning up head facing the ground, keep your eyes facing forward, neck back, and shoulders cocked. Demonstrate to people that you are here to show the world how you dress; even the most ridiculous of outfits can look pretty powerful when they are worn by people who live their style.

Arrive with a theme

One of the best parts of such a week like this is that you can turn up and pretty much set your own style and standards for the evening. Arriving with a theme is important, though; you want to turn up and make sure that people can get the look you go for.

The worst kind of fashion is when things are conjoined together just to make a shocking impression. Avoid that; have a clear theme in mind with regards to the colours you will wear and various other factors. What is the outfit supposed to say? Fashion Week is all about the statement, so what would sum you up if you wanted to show the world what your fashion stands for?

Again, though, London Fashion Week is all about self-expression. Keep the above ideas in mind, and you should be well-placed to make the most of the week to come.