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Mental health matters

Capita’s North Tyneside Partnership has made a commitment to supporting mental health in the workplace.

It has signed the Time to Change Employer Pledge, which means it is committed to creating a working environment where staff who may be experiencing problems feel supported.

The North Tyneside Partnership already has several Mental Health First Aiders who are trained to raise mental health awareness, spot triggers and support colleagues.

Partnership Director Richard Carmichael said: “I’m delighted to sign the Time to Change Employer Pledge.

“It’s important that not only speak up abut mental health but give our colleagues practical skills and support to help deal with mental health issues in the workplace, just as we would a physical illness.”

Time to Change is a mental health campaign led by Mind and Rethink Mental Illness.

By signing the Employer Pledge, Capita’s North Tyneside Partnership has agreed to take steps including: implementing mental health policies; providing better signposting of information and support; and equipping managers with the tools to support staff with mental health issues.

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