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Mesotherapy: the safe way to weight loss

There are quite a lot of us with excess fat that we don’t want especially in particular areas of the body. People who suffer in this way want the excess removed.

Fat deposits in the face and parts of the body are often hard to get rid of, especially as healthy lifestyles, good diets and some exercise are often not enough to eliminate the fat in these stubborn areas, especially the neck and the face.

It can easily become frustrating, but the easy way to remove this excess without having to undergo any surgical procedure is Mesotherapy.

At Emma Coates Aesthetic Training we offer Mesotherapy training. Mesotherapy is an effective and safe procedure that is able to remove unwanted fat. It was developed in France and has been in common use for nearly 70 years.

Mesotherapy is now used by many people throughout the world. Not only can the nonsurgical procedure enhance cellulite, but it is also capable of eliminating localised fat deposits, promoting weight loss, and has been proven to prevent ageing.

What we train people to do is to very superficially inject skincare serums into the skin at an epidermal level.

The serums we inject are sterile solutions that contain ingredients like hyaluronic acid, peptides, and botanicals.

Tiny breaks in the skin are created by the micro-injections and then the specialist serums are enabled to penetrate and work directly at a cellular level.

The layer of fat under the skin is called the mesoderm. The contents of each injection then dissolve into the fat and enter the bloodstream. The body naturally excretes the fat once melted. It also assists in dissolving the material that is the cause of cellulite and leads to the appearance of smoother skin.

The Mesotherapy training we offer is intense and in general lasts for half a day, although the course’s length can vary depending on the size of the group.

We keep all groups small and there are two trainers always on hand. There is no need to amass any pre-course materials.

Because we always recommend our clients experience the treatments themselves, we will encourage you to have a treatment on the day, at no extra cost.

The course is predominantly about skin rejuvenation, although hair loss will be touched on. The training does not cover body treatments.  

Cellulite is Common

Mesotherapy is the only proven way of eliminating cellulite, which affects people of whatever age. It often manifests itself in lumps or bumps on the skin, particularly on the backs of our thighs.

With mesotherapy getting rid of cellulite is now possible. Mesotherapy does this because the injections target the root cause of cellulite.

When patients follow healthy diets and exercise regularly, mesotherapy’s effects are further enhanced.  Another benefit of this treatment is that it is comparatively painless and does not take a long time.

There is almost no recovery time and the patient is able to return to work or regular activities after. There are some side effects that can occur, but they are minimal compared to the beneficial results.




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