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Metrology Technology Leads the Way for Innovation in 2019

Technology is constantly developing and there have been dramatic changes in a variety of different industries in recent years. However, it has been predicted that metrology technology is truly set to lead the way in 2019 and beyond. Metrology is the science of measurement in terms of the design, performance and analysis to achieve a progression in technology.

Over the past 25 years, the advancements within metrology alone has taken a sophisticated stance through reliably measuring physical objects and component assets to confirm how well they are performing. Experts have concluded that the last quarter of a decade has made significant improvements within metrology and 2019 could be the year that innovative discoveries are made.

Here are just a couple of ways metrology is changing certain industries:

Combining hardware and software

In the not so distant future, manufacturers are aiming to smooth out any differences between hardware and software through metrology. Professionals will aim to carry out this task by finding the similarities between the two, to increase the communication between both the elements which are fundamental to the measuring process.

With this innovative development set to occur in the very near future, experts have gone on to predict that operators will find software far easier to use, due to having far more capabilities than ever before. Non-specific software will be amalgamated into any metrology machine to ensure a faultless process in automated measuring.

Report operations will then need to be completed, such as the likes of process and control charts as a way to boost the software’s proficiencies going forward.

Automotive industry

For businesses within the automotive industry, the need for precise car parts is essential during repairs and enhancements. Eley Metrology, for example, is a company that designs and manufactures high-quality measurement equipment to create custom parts for automotive machines to the highest standard and guarantees that they work correctly and safely.

Metrology equipment such as purpose-built CMM machines, granite metrology standards and metrology tools are all essential products for carrying out tasks effectively. The LBM (Long Bore Measurement Machine) is designed for more advanced jobs, such as measuring engine shafts. Gone are the days where industry was solely labour-intensive; the innovation of metrology technology has made a significant positive impact on the day-to-day working lives of normal business people, especially those within the automotive and manufacturing industries.



The use of automation is set to make huge advancements in the production sector both in 2019 and beyond. The need for manual labour will reduce dramatically by the use of operator machine programming, which will become an automatic process inbuilt within software.

It is predicted that within the production line, automation will be able to monitor any faults that arise and amend them instantly to ensure a smoother process.

Quality control will be kicked into gear by optical measuring, which will be conducted through non-contact high-quality definition videography. Due to the automatic nature of optical measurement, even the most inexperienced of operators will be able to carry out roles in production without too much training. This will benefit business owners greatly, who strive to save time and money wherever possible. The analysis within production will be completed in a matter of seconds by simply pressing the button and waiting for the results.