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Middlesbrough man’s new home – all thanks to the gas man!

ByDave Stopher

Sep 29, 2016

Melvyn Affleck, 67, who has lived and worked in Middlesbrough all his life, was staring at the prospect of being made homeless following the sad death of his 91-year-old mother. His sister owned the major share in the house Melvyn and his mother were living in and the property was put up for sale.

Unsure how to proceed, Melvyn dropped into Thirteen’s Gas Safety event and approached gas engineer Chris Swift who immediately offered his help and assisted Melvyn in bidding online for a flat in Pallister Park, Middlesbrough. Housing officer Tina Cooper took over Melvyn’s application and shortly afterwards he moved into his new property.

Melvyn said: “I knew that when my mother’s house was sold I would have nowhere to live. I went along to the gas safety event and luckily for me bumped into Chris who helped me no end. I’m lost when it comes to computers but he helped me apply and here I am now in my flat in Pallister Park.

“I’m retired so I’ve got plenty of time to decorate and work on the flat and I have started to settle in. I’d say a big thank you to Chris, Tina and Thirteen.”

Chris Swift added: “I was pleased that I could help Melvyn on the road to his new home and I’m delighted that it has worked out so well for him”

Russell Thompson, Group Director of Property Services from Thirteen Group, said: “We are delighted that Melvyn now has a new home. Our staff pride themselves on going the extra mile for customers and Chris certainly did that.”

For more information, contact Helen Sturdy on 01642 773616 or Caroline Walker on 01325 363436.