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Multi Award-Winning Sky Wave Gin to move to Bicester Heritage

3rd December 2020 – Bicester Heritage

The maker of the World’s Best Contemporary Gin, Sky Wave Gin, will base its award-winning, globally recognised brand at a new headquarters at Bicester Heritage. The move unifies two success stories, both celebrating the best of their craft. 

The new premises will offer visitors to the UK’s Home of Historic Motoring the opportunity to experience excellence in a variety of forms including the production and tasting of Sky Wave Gin’s range of premium craft gins. The brand, which includes the World’s Best Contemporary Gin 2020, has echoes of the 1920s and 30s in its brand and label design, reflecting the same era which saw the rise in the romance of motoring and aviation, so prevalent throughout the architecture and fabric of Bicester Heritage.

Sky Wave Gin is proud of its local provenance. It uses Blenheim Palace Natural Mineral Water in its gin, sourced from the Palace aquifer just 20 minutes away from the new distillery at Bicester Heritage. Sky Wave Gin is the pinnacle of craft distilling with total commitment to the art, created by passionate gin drinkers, for passionate gin drinkers and with the distiller’s name hand-written on each bottle.

The team behind Sky Wave Gin has long links with motoring in different forms, including hitching a lift across Europe in a Silver Wraith Mk II, driving a thirty year old Range Rover across the Sahara and owning an Aston Martin DB7. 

Sky Wave first appeared at Bicester Heritage for The Classic Car Drive-In Weekend where its Sky Wave Gin Bar proved to be incredibly popular, and already supply specialist businesses and their customers at Bicester Heritage. 

Aside from distilling gin and creating bespoke gins for premium clients, the distillery will welcome gin enthusiasts to visit their new distillery in Building 105 at Bicester Heritage.

Since launching 2 years ago, the business has won many awards including The World’s Best Contemporary Gin 2020 and a Double Gold Medal in the China Wine and Spirits Awards 2020, growing to a team of 9 full time and part-time staff. If you want to know the story behind the name, visit the website or read it on the bottles.

Dan Geoghegan, Chief Executive of Bicester Heritage added, “Sky Wave Gin is a very welcome addition to the Bicester Heritage family, its commitment to craft production resonates well amidst our specialist community, whilst also adding to the allure of our regenerated historic RAF station: in fact, ‘Sky Wave’ seems like the perfect name for a stylish, aerodrome-based gin distillery. We are sure it will go down well with visitors.”

For further details, contact Rachel Hicks, or visit

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