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Mussila’s UK expansion brings fun new digital learning solutions to the UK market

Icelandic EdTech company, Mussila, has recently expanded into the UK market with its award-winning apps – Mussila Music and Mussila WordPlay – creative digital learning solutions for children that were created using Mussila’s unique ‘Learn, Play, Create’ methodology.

Mussila was founded in Iceland in 2015 by experts in computer science, music, and pedagogy, who were looking to create digital solutions that would improve the learning process and the overall quality of education available to young people around the world, both at home and in schools.

Mussila Music

The multiple award-winning app Mussila Music was created to change the way children learn music theory. Children love music but often many lose interest when they start studying music theory, so Mussila gamified music theory to make it more appealing to children.

Mussila Music is available in 32 languages and has been certified by the Finnish Education Alliance as a quality learning solution. Currently, children from all over the world are playing the game, and schools in 19 countries are using the app for music education.

Mussila Wordplay

Mussila Worldplay is a reading comprehension app that was created by speech therapists to help children (aged 5-8) learn and increase their vocabulary, improve listening skills, and strengthen their working memory. The result is a fun and powerful learning experience for children that sparks their natural curiosity, motivating them to easily master the fundamentals of reading, and using their sense of creativity and play to firmly strengthen the knowledge acquired.

Jón Gunnar Thordarson, CEO, of Mussila, explained what makes Mussila truly unique:  “Children are natural learners. Through our award-winning apps, they can learn and explore at their own pace, which makes them feel empowered and motivated to learn. Our apps are based on evidence-based practice, which have been developed in collaboration with education experts, making it suitable for all children – including those with special needs.

Post-pandemic, we have seen 370% growth for Mussila Music showcasing the demand for digital based learning and following the success in the Nordics, we’ve expanded into the UK, where demand for this style of learning is definitely on the rise.”

With Music Making Day coming up on the 21 of June (a global celebration of music), Mussila is encouraging children around the world to start making music. More than 125 countries will be taking part in Music Making Day, making it a great opportunity for schools to get involved and showcase their students’ talent (they can even partake in a global livestream), or children can get together with their friends to make melodies, keeping them entertained while also being educational.

To help to encourage children’s creativity this Music Making Day, Musilla has recently launched a new feature on their Mussila Music app – Loopy Tunes – which enables children to create beats and rhythms with a drum track or they can make melodies using up to 15 instruments.

Jón Gunnar Thordarson, CEO, of Mussila, said: “We hope children around the world will join us in celebrating Music Making Day, and we’re confident that Musilla Music will help to foster a lifelong love of music.”

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