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MY.GAMES acquires SWAG MASHA, developer of Love Sick: Interactive Stories

MY.GAMES has announced it is fully consolidating SWAG MASHA, the studio behind popular mobile title Love Sick: Interactive Stories. With more than three million registered players around the world, Love Sick is the first game of the Belarus-based studio. SWAG MASHA has been working with MY.GAMES since July 2018, turning them from a three-man team to a fully-fledged studio.

“We’re really pleased to have SWAG MASHA join the MY.GAMES family,” said Ilya Karpinsky, Director of MY.GAMES Investment Division. “It’s the latest step in our long-term strategy to grow and support innovative new developers around the world. SWAG MASHA is a great example of our hands-off approach to investment, helping a team with an idea and passion through the first stages of a project. Offering our expertise and resources, with the studio leading development, can create fantastic games and a great working relationship between developer and publisher.”

Love Sick launched in January 2019 on Google Play, followed by the App Store. MY.GAMES provided funding for the project and founding of the studio, which has grown from its three founders to thirty developers in one year. Following the consolidation, the studio is working on new instalments of Love Sick and the development of future projects.

As part of MY.GAMES, SWAG MASHA studio will now have access to MY.GAMES multifaceted marketing and operational support on all stages of project development. The team will also have access to the company’s unique ecosystem, with training and talks offered on a range of topics from art and game design, to business strategy and industry trends.

“At our first meeting with MY.GAMES, all we had was a presentation and three people – producer Dmitry Nikiforov, lead developer Kirill Nadezhdin, and me,” said Alexei Korneyev, Managing Director at SWAG MASHA. “With MY.GAMES support, we founded our own studio and made Love Sick: Interactive Stories better than we ever could have imagined. Exciting times are ahead!”

“We’re extremely proud of SWAG MASHA and everything they have achieved in the last year,” added Karpinky. “We are always looking for new and innovative developers to partner with. Applications are currently open for MY.STUDIO, our investment initiative to fully fund a new AAA shooter developer. If this sounds like you, then get in touch.”

SWAG MASHA was founded in May 2018 in Minsk, Belarus. SWAG MASHA focuses on story-driven games, in collaboration with leading screenwriters from the movie and TV industry. Love Sick: Interactive Stories is the studio’s first game.

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