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NE data geeks revolutionise the construction industry

SELF-CONFESSED data geeks are revolutionising the approach to construction helping developers deliver projects quicker, cheaper and in a way that protects the environment.

North-East based Niven Architects celebrated their move to new offices with hi-tech construction seminar for a host of experts from the world of construction.

Around 50 leading industry figures were invited to the practice’s new Business Central headquarters in Darlington for a presentation on Building Information Modelling (BIM), the latest innovation to sweep through the sector.

BIM uses digital technology in the construction process and management of buildings for their complete life cycle, bringing together a host of professionals and tradesmen who then work from a single set of three-dimensional plans for projects of all sizes.

The BIM model sits in the cloud replacing conventional plans. Because the model contains all relevant details of the scheme it allows for more accurate costs, helps with ordering materials and results in less waste.

John Adams, director of BIM Strategy Ltd, Niven Architect’s sister company, told guests: “We have the ability to be world leaders in BIM which lowers costs and emissions, delivers projects quicker and improves exports.

“Better design solutions also cut waste, reduce risk and increase client satisfaction.”

The event was supported by Digital City, the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) and the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE).

Mr Adams said: “BIM allows you to design fully before you build it and understand the building and its life cycle. It integrates everyone involved in the build.

“You build it twice, once virtually, allowing you to get it right even before you go near the site. Get the experts in early so, for example, you will know about the fire resistance of any proposed products.

“New materials can be built into the design but model analysis allows us to ensure that the innovation, which we are very good at in this country, does work and it also allows us to stop the guesswork coming back and biting us.”

He said BIM also allowed the UK to compete on a global stage putting the industry at the forefront through innovation and increased productivity.

“Our consultancy is allowing clients to bid for new work, create data and, as data geeks, turn this into useful information, as well as create content for manufacturers,” Mr Adams said.

He said the construction industry had changed practices little in 80 years but was becoming increasingly aware of the huge waste and was now looking to become more like the automotive industry.

“BIM is happening and if our industry isn’t investing in it our competitors certainly are,” he said. “The answer to the question of ‘why BIM’ is definitely why not?”

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