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Originally launched in 1996, with more than 1.5 million units already produced, the third-generation Citroën Berlingo Light Commercial Vehicle has been unveiled today – named New Citroën Berlingo Van. The practical, efficient and comfortable new model features large load volumes, easy access and numerous in-cabin options, including Extenso® Cab and Crew Van versions. With technologies new to the LCV segment, such as an Overload Indicator – the very first application of this technology in a vehicle of this type – the high-tech model is equipped with 20 driver assistance systems and four connectivity technologies. The range boasts the latest-generation BlueHDi 1.5 diesel and PureTech 1.2 petrol engines, and Citroën’s new EAT8 automatic gearbox. Available in two sizes M and XL, UK order books will open in the autumn of 2018.

With New Berlingo (passenger car) already scheduled to arrive in UK dealerships over the coming months, Citroën has now unveiled New Berlingo Van, the third-generation LCV version of Berlingo, aimed at a wide range of fleet, business and professional users.

The Citroën brand’s leading position in the commercial vehicle market is underpinned by the success of its legendary 2CV, C15 and previous Berlingo LCV models.

Citroën was the first brand to introduce a diesel powered LCV, the first to launch a van with an integrated load area and the first to launch an LCV model with three seats in the cabin. Building on this strong heritage, New Citroën Berlingo Van marks the renewal of a best-seller.

A benchmark model for business professionals for many years, the Citroën Berlingo LCV has been a key player in its segment with important updates for each generation of the vehicle. Since its initial launch, Citroën has produced over 1.5 million Berlingos worldwide. Overall, Citroën achieved 9.7% share in 2017 in the commercial vehicle market in Europe, taking third place in the rankings with almost 73,000 units sold – with the current Berlingo continuing as the brand’s top-selling LCV. In fact, the current Berlingo accounted for 40% of Citroën’s total LCV registrations in the first quarter of 2018. Citroën intends to continue this success story with this third-generation version.


Having invented the first van with an integrated load area, Citroën is continuing its success story with a vehicle that is more modern than ever. New Berlingo Van possesses a unique body design and strong styling for all professions and trades.


‘Inspired By Pro’, the brand signature dedicated to Citroën’s Light Commercial Vehicles, clearly indicates that New Citroën Berlingo Van is the ideal partner for all professional businesses and trades.


New Berlingo Van holds its own against many passenger cars with exceptional ride comfort and optimal safety, through:



Citroën’s story in the small van segment started at the beginning of the 20th Century. Berlingo comes from a long line of models that began in 1928 with the C4 Fourgon with its all-steel bodywork and two hinged rear doors. Then came the famous 2CV Van in the 1950s – a full LCV version of the legendary 2CV. The compact van started life with all the advantages of a practical and economical vehicle, and would go on to become one of the greatest successes of its time. The pioneering model – now a collector’s item around the world – will go down in history as the first mass-produced front wheel drive van. Produced from March 1951 to March 1978 with 1,246,335 units sold, it stands as a truly iconic model.

2CV Van was replaced by Acadiane in 1978. The van was restyled and gained the front end of the Dyane. In total, 235,393 Acadiane units were produced over nine years.

The real breakthrough occurred in the 1980s with a new model, Citroën C15. After the small, two-cylinder engines of the 2CV and Acadiane, the new model launched in 1984 with a water-cooled four-cylinder powerplant. Derived from the Visa (launched in 1978), the famed model, perceived as a true business tool, went on to enjoy a long career. It was produced until 2006, some ten years after the launch of the original Berlingo. The C15’s reputation for toughness and solidity made it a leading model in its segment. Sales were boosted further by the range of diesel engines on offer. C15 alone sold over 1.18 million units, produced over a 22-year period.

The next great revolution, at the end of the 20th Century, was Berlingo. The first-generation model, launched in July 1996 and once again disrupted the segment by providing more distinction and comfort. Berlingo innovated with unique body styling and an entirely integrated load area. The model’s name would, over the years, become synonymous with the segment.

Berlingo was renewed in May 2008. The second-generation model retained the same comfort and features as many saloon cars of the time, as well as more prestige for business customers.

A facelifted Berlingo was revealed in the spring of 2015 at the Geneva Motor Show. 


The design of the Citroën Berlingo has changed substantially since 1996, but today it moves into a new era. In terms of appearance, New Berlingo Van makes a true generational leap and moves upmarket. Robust and protective, the model gains modern and vivacious exterior styling with flowing lines that are free from aggression, and assumes a strong character and assertive personality through its well-balanced proportions.

Alexandre Malval (Citroën’s Design Director) and his team have created an expressive and distinctively Citroën front end with a short and high bonnet for a commanding view of the road. The design is underscored by wide headlight units that confirm the model’s kinship with the larger Citroën Dispatch. The front end also differs significantly from that of the New Berlingo passenger car.

The styling along the sides focuses on protection and maintains an impeccable balance, whatever the vehicle length. The eye is drawn to the large practical sliding side doors, which allow easy access to the load area. At the rear, the van keeps its functional appearance and ‘van spirit’ with vertical lights and the famous Berlingo badge.

Inside, the cabin has been completely redesigned. The goals of the Citroën Style team were simple: in a segment governed by expectations of practicality, they wanted to create the best possible combination in terms of design and functionality for the model’s new customers. Inspired by the Citroën Advanced Comfort® programme, New Berlingo Van gains a modern and uncluttered dashboard, ergonomically designed with an emphatic horizontal architecture.

The driver benefits from a modern instrument panel, a multi-function steering wheel and a Colour Head-up Display. New Berlingo Van also features smart new materials on the dashboard, central console, doors and seats. The materials and trims are intended to be robust and suitable for business use. The cabin features a hardwearing TPO floor covering that can be cleaned quickly and easily. New Berlingo Van is also available with optional plywood lining (floor and side panels), for enhanced load area protection.


An ideal partner for everyday business life, New Berlingo Van targets a broad range of professions and provides a solution adapted to their business needs, with simplified cabin and loading access.


Directly related to the Citroën brand signature ‘Inspired By You’, the new brand signature for the world of business – ‘Inspired By Pro’ – is dedicated to Citroën’s Light Commercial Vehicles. It targets self-employed tradespeople, shopkeepers, local authorities and SMEs working in a variety of sectors, including construction, deliveries, facilities and the emergency services. New Citroën Berlingo Van responds to the needs of each of its customers by bringing them a complete range adapted to their requirements. New Berlingo Van is the ‘bespoke’ Light Commercial Vehicle that places a premium on the driver in terms of well-being and practicality, and adapts ideally to their individual profession.


New Citroën Berlingo Van offers versatility and modularity with different load areas, cabin designs and configurations, alongside a multitude of storage spaces. It also boasts record load volumes with size M versions, and the best architectural efficiency (ratio of usable volume/exterior dimensions) in size XL.


As with the passenger car version, New Citroën Berlingo Van is available in two sizes, the M version measuring 4.40m long with a 2.78m wheelbase, and an XL version measuring 4.75m long with a 2.97m wheelbase. The XL model is well proportioned in terms of wheelbase and rear overhang.


Designed for professionals who travel together, the Extenso® Cab can transport three people in the front (row one), with the central seat able to transform into a mobile office with a pivoting writing table. The impressively modular Extenso® Cab adapts to all situations and features a folding side passenger seat providing optimal load length and increasing load volume from 3.3m3 to 3.8m3 in size M, and 3.9m3 to 4.4m3 in size XL. Both versions are equipped with a range of storage spaces around the cabin to keep documents and tools within handy reach.

The modular Crew Van is intended for businesses that need to accommodate up to five people (two in row one, three in row two), and to carry loads as well. It is available as an XL version only and does not require conversion as it is available directly from the manufacturer. This version of New Berlingo Van gains extra modularity and versatility. It offers unique comfort with the same competitive knee room in row two as the New Berlingo passenger car. It is also perfect for transporting longer loads. The second row of seats, front passenger seat and adjustable mesh bulkhead (with access flap) can be repositioned to accommodate long items.


The highly adaptable New Citroën Berlingo Van offers two dedicated versions, each one with specific features for its professional customers.

The ‘Worker’ versions target businesses that transport equipment and people – in the construction industry for example. New Berlingo Van in ‘Worker’ trim has three front seats, raised ground clearance (+30mm), a protective plate under the engine and enhanced traction thanks to Grip Control® with Hill Descent Assist. The robust model stands apart with its large wheels (690mm) with Mud and Snow tyres, extra payload of up to 1,000kg and a Loading Pack with enhanced LED lighting in the load area, Overload Indicator, 12V and 220V power sockets and mid-height load securing rings.

The ‘Driver’ versions are for companies, and their employees, who need to make longer trips or numerous deliveries in urban areas. For day to day efficiency, this version stands out through its ride comfort, meticulous acoustics and driver assistance systems. It is available with acoustic enhancements, dual zone air conditioning, seats with lumbar adjustment, automatic headlights and windscreen wipers, Cruise Control/Speed Limiter, Automatic Electronic Parking Brake, 8-inch colour touchscreen with Citroën Connect Nav and DAB radio, and the Surround Rear Vision system.


New Berlingo Van is available in a variety of configurations, with one or two sliding side doors. The sliding doors provide optimised opening width for easier loading and unloading, regardless of where the vehicle is parked.

At the rear the van is equipped, as standard, with 60/40 split unglazed rear doors, which open to 180°. To meet the needs of certain businesses, New Berlingo Van can also be equipped with optional glazed rear doors (60/40, opening up to 180°), with heating and a wiper on the larger door.


Designed from the start with interior comfort in mind, New Berlingo Van scores highly for practicality. The vehicle is equipped with a plethora of ingenious storage spaces at the front for everyday objects, from the smallest (pens and coins) to the largest (15-inch laptops and folders). There are 113-litres of storage in the compartments overall. This includes a drawer under the driver’s seat, the ‘Top Box’ glove box (made possible by the ‘Airbag in Roof’ system), a lower glove box, an overhead storage unit, various small storage areas, large door bins and up to four cupholders. The vehicle is also home to two USB sockets, two 12V sockets and one 220V socket.


Thanks to its load space design – a development of the current platform – New Berlingo Van provides a record load capacity. This also allows for a larger payload and retains its width between the wheel arches (1.23m) in order to easily load up to two euro pallets. New Berlingo Van offers payloads from 650kg to 1,000kg.

To better respond to the needs of LCV customers, New Berlingo Van is equipped with an innovative Overload Indicator – the very first application of this technology in any segment by a van manufacturer. It informs the user when they approach, or exceed, the authorised weight limit. The maximum braked towing weight for the model is 1,500kg.


With its new modular platform, New Berlingo Van benefits from optimised architecture for more practicality, comfort and safety. It is fitted with modern and intelligent driver assistance systems and connectivity technologies with the latest-generation engines.


Produced at the PSA Group’s Vigo site in Spain, New Citroën Berlingo Van is built on a new platform for more agility, spaciousness and practicality, while offering classic Citroën suspension settings.

New Citroën Berlingo Van possesses an efficient architecture providing even more functionality. The new model’s modular platform is based on the EMP2 architecture at the front and the current Berlingo platform at the rear. The EMP2 platform reduces weight, improves handling with its electric power steering and delivers a tight turning circle that is ideal for manoeuvres in town.

Faithful to the brand’s DNA, and the Citroën Advanced Comfort® programme, New Citroën Berlingo Van draws on all of Citroën’s expertise in suspension settings and comfort. Making each journey a moment of serenity for the driver and any passengers. It filters out road imperfections in all conditions. The unrivalled on-road comfort of New Berlingo Van results from a comfortable driving position, cushioned seats (with height adjustment, lumbar adjustment and individual armrests), suspension comfort and soundproofing, with top-level acoustic treatment.

For ideal driving comfort in all circumstances, New Berlingo Van is equipped with the Magic Wash® function that maintains visibility during window washing and halves the amount of liquid required.


New Citroën Berlingo Van is functional and practical, but also extremely reassuring. Thanks to the use of the EMP2 platform, the new model is packed with useful technologies that seek to bring professionals a safer and more serene drive with a number of significant innovations.


New to all LCV segments:

Competitive in the Berlingo segment:


New Citroën Berlingo Van also ensures comfort and well-being through digital continuity on board, so that businesses can stay connected with their customers and colleagues at all times:


This third-generation Berlingo LCV is a dynamic on-road performer and brings businesses true cost efficiencies. Performance has been upgraded through the combination of the new lightweight EMP2 platform and latest-generation fuel-efficient engines with low CO2 emissions.

New Berlingo Van is available with the award-winning PureTech 1.2 petrol and BlueHDi 1.5 diesel engines, which are adapted to use in the city and on the motorway. The engine range respects the environment, delivers exceptional performance and controlled real-life fuel consumption. New Berlingo Van is also equipped with the new-generation EAT8 automatic gearbox for enhanced ease of use over all distances.


PureTech 1.2 petrol range:

BlueHDi 1.5 diesel range:

BlueHDi 1.6 diesel range:


Length: 4.40m size M / 4.75m size XL
Width: 2.10m (with door mirrors)
Height: 1.80m to 1.90m (depending on the version)
Load volume: 3.3m3 size M / 3.9m3 size XL.
Load volume with Extenso® Cab: 3.8m3 size M / 4.4m3 size XL
Payload: up to 1,000kg size M / up to 950kg size XL
Usable length: 1.81m size M / 2.16m size XL
Towable weight: up to 1,500kg

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