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New parenting book to get kids talking

ByAnna Harris

May 21, 2021

A new, illustrated, hardboard book has been launched to aid and develop children’s speech.  Published by Little Frog Media, DeeDee and DanDan’s Busy Day is an interactive reading book that has been written by parents of a late talking child.

Following extensive research into how best to support and encourage their son’s vocabulary, Aneta and Mariusz Wojcik established that reading to their son Daniel was the ultimate way to help, but they still weren’t getting the results they were anticipating.

After speaking with a friend who studied English literature, they quickly understood that the problem wasn’t what they were reading but the frequency and how they were reading with their son.  The couple learnt that making a story interactive and engaging for a child assists vocabulary retention and they started to understand the importance of word repetition in different, yet similar, sentences.

They began to use these methods across a range of recommended books but never came across a publication that allowed them to deliver all they had learnt.  After seeing Daniel’s use of words grow through the techniques they were applying, Aneta and Mariusz decided to write their own book, which encompassed their learnings and knowledge to help other families.

Mariusz said: “Our eldest son was a bright two-year-old, but we knew his speech development was behind.  We understand that all children progress at different rates, but we were concerned and knew intervention was needed.  My wife and I both studied mathematics, so we are natural investigators and wanted to absorb as much knowledge as possible to try to help our son.

“As we gained proof that our various techniques were working, we applied the formula and logic to every book we read with Daniel.  There was still a gap in the market though for a book which teaches parents all the elements they need to help aid their child’s speech development – so we decided to write one.

“The book gives you everything in one place, so you don’t need to think after a long day.  And with 38 pages and thousands of possibilities, no two reads are the same and the book grows with your child.  It also helps a child to build confidence and start actively asking questions. It is our hope that other families can now benefit from what we learned and, with the help of the book, can overcome any worries while supporting their own child’s speech development.”

Dee Dee and Dan Dan’s Busy day is priced at £9.99 and is available from Amazon and https://deedeeanddandan.co.uk/.