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New study reveals the worst perpetrators for repeated recalls and food poisoning fiascos

ByHannah JBH

Sep 23, 2021

Another week, another recall – and this week it is Tesco recalling two types of salad cream as they do not mention the addition of milk on their ingredients.

The Foods Standards Agency (FSA) is hot on top of supermarkets for food and item recalls – and according to new study by Essential Living – some supermarkets more than others.

The study by Essential Living has uncovered that Tesco is the worst supermarket in the UK for food hygiene:

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A common cause for recalls is ingredients being missed off of the packaging. Especially when these ingredients are well-known allergies for many people, e.g. nuts and milk.

The study also looks into the most common types of food/dishes that cause food poisoning based on reports. It found that burgers are top of the pile with undercooked minced meat causing over 10,000 food poisoning reports globally.

More surprisingly, salad comes 2nd on the list. Though people may think that a plant-based diet may be safer than one including meat and fish, it is not without risk. Salads and vegetables that are not washed properly can cause food poisoning from bugs such as salmonella.

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Supermarket chains are not the only places where the FSA gave their eye on. The study also analyses the food hygiene reports of many of the UK’s most well-known chain restaurants/takeaways to see who and where has the most hygienic premises:


Trust us – it will have you checking the hygiene rating before you visit your next Costa Coffee.