New Swedish publisher cites Hybrid Indie with People, Players and Planet as core focus of business model and will be the world’s first LGBTQI certified gaming company

Uppsala, Sweden – 30 March 2022: Swedish publisher Kinda Brave, is opening its doors today for the first time as a gaming publisher focused on sustainability. The company will be taking a long-term approach to publishing by working with small studios in a group dynamic where resources and experience are shared – and collaboration encouraged. Kinda Brave, which has already signed three development studios, wants to champion a so-called Hybrid Indie model of a publisher not just focused on commercial aspects, but on the everyday support and growth of studios and the people therein, allowing each studio to pour all time and energy into development of quality indie titles. With its ‘Sustainable Gaming initiative’ as a compass, the group has thus far seen investments of $6.3 million USD (SEK 60 million), and is now set to establish itself internationally, on the lookout for more studios and developers wanting to join in.

Björn Rudolfsson, CEO and co-founder of Kinda Brave said: “Game development is oftentimes characterized by passion. But all too often, this is used as an excuse for unhealthy working conditions and short-term priorities. Kinda Brave wants to change this by investing long-term in smaller, creative and independent teams, believing that the path to the best games is one of good people being given good continuous support. With more room to breathe and by helping each other out, you suddenly find yourself in a position where you can start looking at how you can impact others positively as well, beyond just development and publishing.”