RLPFA NEWCASTLE-based financial advice firm has made significant investment in state of the art planning software to become one of only a handful of firms in the North East to offer interactive financial forecasting advice.

Robson Laidler Financial Planning (RLFP), based in Jesmond, has incorporated a financial planning tool at the heart of its client offering.  The forecasting service allows clients and their advisors to model different ‘what if’ scenarios to improve their financial decision making.

The software allows clients to see their finances mapped out over their lifetime in an easy to use and visually appealing way. Following the EU Referendum the enhanced financial planning service is poised to help clients deal with the current uncertainty, as markets react to the Brexit result.

RLFP has seen turnover increase by 27% in the past 12 months and attributes much of this success to the value clients place on this holistic financial forecasting service.

RLFP was established in 2005 to offer a complementary service to Robson Laidler Accountant and Business Advisors’ accountancy and tax clients.  The firm, which continues to grow, is led by husband and wife team Neil and Amanda Cowie, both Chartered Financial Planners, who together have more than 50 years’ experience in financial services.

Director Neil Cowie said: “We all want to answer the fundamental question – will I have enough money to meet my lifestyle goals? The core of our business is helping people plan ahead and have financial peace of mind and our financial forecasting technology engages clients in this process. In a simple, yet powerful way they can see the effect of retiring early, buying a new home or giving their money away to their family and this helps them make key life decisions.”

As well as lifetime cash flow forecasting, RLFP offers cashflow analysis, tax and estate planning strategies, retirement planning, protection planning and workplace pension advice to comply with Automatic Enrolment. They also provide specific NHS Pension advice to medical professionals.

To find out more about how RLFP can help you plan your financial future contact the team on: 0191 281 8191