Builders merchants across the North East are gearing-up for a post-Covid-19 revival of the region’s construction sector.

The move comes as construction leaders set out a blueprint to secure the future of the multi-billion industry.

Under the ‘Roadmap to Recovery strategy,’ The Construction Leadership Council’s (CLC) Covid-19 Task Force lays out proposals to protect the future of construction businesses, while setting the industry on a sustainable path towards recovery.

The Task Force represents the entire construction supply chain from product manufacturers and merchants to contractors, housebuilders and specialists.

Steve Robinson, North East Regional Chairman of the Builders’ Merchants Federation, (BMF) said: “Our members in the North East will play a key role in supporting the recovery of the construction sector, which is a vital part of our local economy.

“Areas include ongoing support to maximise employment and retain key skills, as well as providing expertise to enable customers to access products which support a more sustainable future.”

John Newcomb, Chief Executive of the BMF, which represents members across the North East, said: “The strategy looks at the short, medium and long-term actions to grasp the opportunities to build a better industry in the future.

“Since its formation at the start of the crisis the CLC’s Covid-19 Taskforce has shown how effective the industry can be when it works towards a common goal.

“The BMF’s focus now within the CLC will include working in cross-industry groups on detailed plans for new housing, as well as the maintenance and improvement of existing homes.

“As we enter the recovery phase, we have a real opportunity to deliver a coordinated programme that will benefit the whole industry and support the North East economy overall.

“BMF members across the region will be key to that as we move forward.”

The CLC Roadmap to Recovery can be viewed online at the CLC website.