• Wed. May 22nd, 2024

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Hopping Across The North East From Hub To Hub


CARERS across the North East have completed specialist training to boost the level of support their elderly residents receive at their care homes.

Over a dozen care assistants and senior care assistants at care settings in Stockton-on-Tees, Middlesbrough, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, and the surrounding towns, undertook the intensive 10-week Care Home Assistant Practitioner (CHAP) course.

The cohort of newly qualified CHAPs all work for the Hill Care Group, which operates several homes in the region, as the care provider aims to ensure residents are receiving the highest level of care.

Having completed the course, all 16 carers were promoted to the position at their respective care homes, which will enable them to better support registered nurses as they provide care and interventions for residents.

Shelby Fenwick, a former senior care assistant at Willowdene Care Home, in Hebburn, is one of those to have completed the training.

She said: “I’ve worked at Willowdene for five years, starting as a care assistant on the night shift and then, after three years, I became senior care assistant on the day shift.

“When the opportunity to undertake the CHAPs training came up, it was a great way for me to develop my skills and progress in my career.

“A lot of the course was very useful and gave me a lot of confidence to assist the registered nurses in my role.”

Kendra Lowe, who works at The Beeches Care Home, in Stockton-on-Tees, also completed the CHAPs training. She said: “I really enjoyed the modules, especially the ones that covered diabetes and venepuncture.

“I also really appreciated how the clinical tutor helped us to understand how to interact with other health care professionals in order to get the best outcomes for our residents.

“Family members have also asked about the new uniforms we have and they’ve been impressed to learn that Hill Care is investing in upskilling the staff team.

“I’ve been shadowing the district nurses when they come to The Beeches and they have been helping me to put my training to practical use.”

Fellow CHAP Sarah George, from Briarwood Care Home, in Middlesbrough, said: “The CHAPS course was brilliant.

“It was really easy to understand and I came away feeling that I would be able to support our nurses and look after our residents even better than I did as a senior carer.

“Any learning is good learning and I’m looking forward to the further development days as well.”

A celebration was held where those who completed the course were presented with their certificates by Lynda Hodgkinson, Development and Governance Director for the Hill Care Group.

She said: “With their additional knowledge and skills, our CHAPs can contribute towards further enhancing the quality of care our residents receive.

“Everyone agreed the course had given them more confidence to work under the direction of a Registered Nurse and they all said they would encourage others to consider the opportunity.

“Being able to provide an opportunity for developing new skills and offering professional development, along with enhanced leadership skills for our senior care staff, is a great way to ensure our staff are happy in their roles and have the skills and confidence to carry their duties out to a high level.

“We’re all exceptionally proud of the dedicated, hard work and perseverance they’ve shown over the 10 week course.”